Monday, 13 May 2013

Salomon Trail Tour 2-2013

Race #7 2013 - 3.5km - 18:10 - Monday 13th of May

Heavy boardshorts
Didn't expect to run slower than last week, however it is always possible to run slower than faster. Easy to forget. This time I ran in 18:10. I had such a crap feeling as well. I just feel terribly heavy at the moment. It might be due to lifting more weights now than before, and warming up with deep squats prior to the race. I need to turn the trend and speed up my shorts, without getting any weaker though (which will be hard). I think it is time to start running more now. I've been very careful lately. And yes, it did hurt not being a part of Sk Vidar's winning team on Saturday.

During the race today I borrowed the Salomon Speedcross 3. I far preferred the Salomon S-lab Sense Ultra.

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