Thursday, 9 May 2013

Music with pump

"Training music for the peep! A great playlist with loads of hefty workout tunes." src: twitter

Back in February I started making a playlist on Spotify for strength sessions. The fun thing is that it has been picked up at one gym in town, where it is very frequently played. I named the list "OlympiatoppenOne" as Olympiatoppen is where I myself normally listen to this music (while working on becoming like Arnold). The list is of the genre electro / dnb / houce / dance (which is also the type of music I mainly listen to). I keep this list alive, adding new tunes, and removing those who I or others (thanks Mr AH) realise doesn't fit in that well.


I've also started on a second playlist, downtempo beats for those more chilled morning session, named (you guessed it) "MorningSession". More tracks will be added here shortly.


If you want more music tips for training and running, check out Siri's lists of running music as well.

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