Friday, 31 May 2013

Muscle up x12 x12 x12

Today was the day where Mr Franck and I was supposed to meet for a muscle up challenge. Mr Franck bailed out. Assumingly he didn't have the nerves, as he is not that used to competitions.

After a tough grappling session yesterday, and only five hours of sleep due to a very painful neck I was far from feeling great before my PB attempt. To make the story short, I failed. I only managed 12 in my first set, which is a tangency of my old record. I continued with another set of 12 though, and was very pleased. After a long break I did my third set. During my muscle ups on the third set I felt something happening to my grip. Something felt loose in the palms. It didn't prevent me from continue, and I managed 12 repetitions in my last set as well. My best series ever, and annoyingly close to a new PB.

The result of a proper muscle up session.

My problem now though is that there will take some time before I can do this exercise again, as I tore off some skin in my palms. Nothing serious, but slightly painful. The cut in my right hand was somewhat deep as well. A big thanks to the great medics at Olympiatoppen that patched my hands minutes after the injury. Really nice done.

Patched and ready for another session. Lifting weight is going to be a lot more painful in the coming days.

Check out the video below, for four minutes of muscle up gallore. One of the most exciting short films ever made.

What else?
Mr RG told me that Beetroot juice was really good for running (a natural performance enhancing drug). As I don't have that much EPO laying around I've decided to give it a go. I bought two bottles of juice today, and drank my first glass. I tastes like shit, but I will try to finish the two bottles. The side effect is that I will start pissing red, but I can take that. So if I get a sudden boost in the coming weeks it might very well be due to "the red magic".

45 kr for 0.75 l. 60 kr a litre, not cheap. But cheaper than EPO, I guess.

So I mention that it tastes like shit. Well, it might be worth it.

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