Sunday, 26 May 2013

Grefsenkollen Opp 2013

Race #10 2013 - 4.5km - 23:29 - Saturday 25th of May

Pic from FuttnFart showing the wonderful promising youth. From L Siri  "fastevenonslowdays" V, Mr Me, Tim "bumtoucher" B, Vemund "alwaynice" A and Adelheid "giveseverything" H.

"Opp" or "opp"
If you ask Språkrådet, or Siri, I would assume that they would state that the name of this race should be "Grefsenkollen opp", however the organisers themselves writes "Grefsenkollen Opp". But this report is not about how to correctly name this race.

Before the race I was looking forward to racing. As soon as I started warming up I got slightly unsure. After the race started I realised it was not that fun afterall. It was just hard. I hated quite much running up this little hill (little as in compared to what awaits me in Chamonix in a far too short period of time). It was actually very painful. This was despite of using illegal drugs, wearing my lightest shoes and being stronger than ever. I've even spent several evenings doing fun stuff to charge my batteries.

It is easy to get frustrated when your past self beats you present self (Mr Me anno. 2012 was faster). Despite of the pain, and being beaten by my past self, I try to not forgetting that just being able to run is a blessing. I hope to never forget this. This is also a wonderful event, with loads of great and fun loving people. Thanks to all of you guys (most on some shots below), for making my day perfect!

If you, that are reading this, have not participated in this event, you should for sure consider it next time. I can promise you pain on the way up. Reaching the top though is rewarding, both the view and the feeling is great at Grefsenkollen.

My plan is to keep racing in the coming weeks. Who knows, maybe my future self will one day be able to give my past self a lesson or two. My present self might even more likely kick my future self's heavy butt. If my future self is going to be around for that long, that is. We know little of what awaits, so better to enjoy the present self to the max.

Atmosphere      : 5/5
+ Very good, and ending up at Grefsenkollen Restaurant doesn't make it any worse either. What a view of Oslo.

Toilets         : 5/5
+ Enough toilets at Haraldsheim hostel.

Value for money : 4/5
- 350 kr entry fee, feels a bit expensive.
+ race tee.
+ loads to drink post race.

Organising      : 5/5
+ Helpful and nice people.
+ Everything went smoothly.

Race Timing     : 5/5
+ Got an accurate time.
+ Got online afterwards very quickly.

Track           : 4/5
+ A nice asphalt hill race.
+ Wonderful view when you get to the top.

OVERALL         : 4.7 / 5

For the track check the 2012 report.


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  1. Well done! "just being able to run is a blessing". Amen :-)

  2. Giveseverything?... Takk, men i går løp jeg opp på halvmaratonpuls. Så levde nok ikke opp til mitt badassrykte (og hvordan fikk jeg det?). :o)
    Men en fin dag å løpe på.

    1. Du gir jo alt du, spesielt på langrenn. Men håper at du tar det litt med ro på rulleski!

    2. Det er ikke med utgangspunkt i "gi alt" ting skjer... Det bare skjer, muligens fordi hun som styrer skia er dårlig koordinert. :o)

      Skal ut på Fornebu i dag og få Learn2ski til å vise meg hvor bremsene på rulleskia er. Det koster 1200 kr, så jeg regner med full valuta for pengene (hm, lurer forresten på om jeg skal prøve å få arbeidsgiver til å betale for kurset. Hva er billigst: kurs eller sykemelding?!!!!). :-DDDDD

    3. Du klinker da bra til. Bra du kjører kurs. Men nok en gang: IKKE test ut skorpionsprell på asfalt. Alle rykter jeg har hørt tilsier at det er en dårlig idé.

  3. Flott artikkel gutt! Og rumpa di er også flott :)

    1. Haha. Takker, og selv takk, Mr Bennett. Fikk i det minste knipset et bilde av din.


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