Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Reader to be executed
1st of July Google is killing Google Reader. Observing this I'm far more reluctant of trusting Google. They will shut off a product whenever they see it right, in their mission to "plussify" the world, no matter how many users the product has got. I wonder how long till Blogger is gone as well, but that is another discussion.

runners.no backend
runners.no's backend is currently heavily dependent on Google Reader (the backend architecture has changed since the beginning, where there was no Reader involved). Reader is used for organising both blog sources and Twitter search keywords. Google Reader has a functionality to bundle several RSS feeds into one stream. This functionality is missing from almost every other similar service. The few sites that has got this alternative, the functionality is useless for when you want to merge a large amount of feeds. For the time being runners.no has got 166 blog sources and 748 twitter keywords. In all 914 sources. You need a good system for administrating such a number.

Google Reader's interface.

Tweet sources / search keywords view.

Blog sources view.

Active bundles.

From Google Reader the feed is "piped" over to Yahoo Pipes, which handles filtering and sorting. It's the result from "the pipes" that is presented on runners.no, and as content of runner.no's feed (which also goes through Google Feedburner, assumingly also soon to be killed).

Yahoo Pipes.

The results of Google's decision to kill Google Reader forced me to decide whether I wanted to let runners.no die with Google Reader, or develop an alternative solution. As runners.no has gained som attraction and has got some leverage I decided on the latter. I will develop runners.no version 2.0, renaming the service to forene.no. Using a norwegian word is more appropriate as almost all the content is in Norwegian. The goal of the service is also to unite people that share, hence the norwegian word "forene", which translates "unite", is an appropriate expression.

Follow the development
For a visual progress on the development check out morphogenetically.blogspot.com.
If you want a more textual representation of the process you can visit Google Plus instead (yeah, still using Google though).

I can't promise I'll be done by 1st of July. It all depends on the weather. If the sun is shining I'm not going to sit inside in front of the computer. However I hope to have something up and running by then, to avoid the service going down completely.


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