Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Day 2: Fuck it

The day two of the challenge sounded very simple to me: "to write down 10 facts that no one knows about you". That should result in an empty page, because if no one knows those facts that means not even you knowing them.

Hence I got slightly puzzled realising Ida WullfFotballfrue and hundreds of more bloggers having actually written down 10 facts for this challenge. To my understanding the only possible explaination you can do this is if you are a "no one", or a "nobody". Going to be interesting to during today see if my dear Rachel is a "somebody" or a "nobody".

Anyway, having just done day one I'm stopping here while saying "fuck it" to this 30 days challenge.

Fuck it!


  1. Frode, du er for alt smart for denne oppgaven! ;-) Silja

    1. "for alt" ?? Den var ny! Jeg tenker tydeligvis ALT FOR rask i forhold til hvor fort jeg evner å skrive på tastaturet ;-) Silja

    2. Hehe, den var ny ((:

      Litt dumt det ikke blir flere utfordringer av denne typen. Jeg hadde gledet meg stort til:
      day 19: Innholdet i vesken din
      day 20: Parfymen du bruker

      Vel, vel. Får bruke tiden på andre ting i stedet.

  2. Rachel is a nobody as well:

    #whatasurprise #darn


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