Monday, 13 May 2013

Day 1: Fashion Fashion Fashion

OK, I have to admit it, I'm highly inspired by Rachel. She wrote that every blogger in Norway is doing the "30 day challenge". When I read this I got shocked. Am I a blogger in Norway? Yes! Was I doing the Ida Wulff's 30 day challenge? No! SHIT!!!!!1

Relax! Think! Solution: do it alongside Miss Rachel. So here it is, day one of the challenge, me presenting the latest within fashion clothes, that I've bought.

Unlike Rachel I farkin loved to get dressed in front of the camera, and take self-timer shots of myself. I'm born to be in front of the camera. I'm a natural. I guess this is called talent.

Darn the pixel dropout in front of my eyes, something happened to my camera.

Hat: Nol hat from Indonesia (bought in Tokyo, but of course).
Tee: HEATTECH from UNIQLO (yeah, from Tokyo as well).
Boxers: Pierre Robert (exclusive from Meny, Norway).
Bottle in my boxers: Noisy lemon.

Mr Fashion - the natural born Model.

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