Friday, 31 May 2013

Muscle up x12 x12 x12

Today was the day where Mr Franck and I was supposed to meet for a muscle up challenge. Mr Franck bailed out. Assumingly he didn't have the nerves, as he is not that used to competitions.

After a tough grappling session yesterday, and only five hours of sleep due to a very painful neck I was far from feeling great before my PB attempt. To make the story short, I failed. I only managed 12 in my first set, which is a tangency of my old record. I continued with another set of 12 though, and was very pleased. After a long break I did my third set. During my muscle ups on the third set I felt something happening to my grip. Something felt loose in the palms. It didn't prevent me from continue, and I managed 12 repetitions in my last set as well. My best series ever, and annoyingly close to a new PB.

The result of a proper muscle up session.

My problem now though is that there will take some time before I can do this exercise again, as I tore off some skin in my palms. Nothing serious, but slightly painful. The cut in my right hand was somewhat deep as well. A big thanks to the great medics at Olympiatoppen that patched my hands minutes after the injury. Really nice done.

Patched and ready for another session. Lifting weight is going to be a lot more painful in the coming days.

Check out the video below, for four minutes of muscle up gallore. One of the most exciting short films ever made.

What else?
Mr RG told me that Beetroot juice was really good for running (a natural performance enhancing drug). As I don't have that much EPO laying around I've decided to give it a go. I bought two bottles of juice today, and drank my first glass. I tastes like shit, but I will try to finish the two bottles. The side effect is that I will start pissing red, but I can take that. So if I get a sudden boost in the coming weeks it might very well be due to "the red magic".

45 kr for 0.75 l. 60 kr a litre, not cheap. But cheaper than EPO, I guess.

So I mention that it tastes like shit. Well, it might be worth it.


Nei til Friidrettsforbundet, ja til fri idrett (src: morphogenetically).

Old news, but I'm writing this post mainly for archiving purposes. About a month ago I wrote a letter to Norges friidrettsforbund. This resulted in an interview with NRK, and I appeared on national TV. As I'm not used to being in front of the cameras it was both a slightly stressful and an interesting experience. When the camera was rolling it was hard to say exactly what I had planned to say. I managed to say something, and luckily for me the result was OK, I think. The story behind the interview can be read in this article on The interview can be viewed below.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

SRM #355

Race #11 2013 - 6516m - 26:31 - Wednesday 29th of May

Two rounds
Did another double round this Wednesday. For the first time in ages I had a better feeling, and I did set a season's best. Still far behind my PB though.

Split times.

My leg is OK, but I do feel some slight pain now and then. It's hard holding back. I have a few races on my plate for the next period of days as well. Mainly hill races though, which are not that hard on my tibia.

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Planning to do Mistbergløpet on Saturday, Salomon Trail Tour on Monday, Rett til Værs on Tuesday and SRM on Wednesday.

On Friday I might also have a muscle up competition against Mr Daniel Franck (the machine, who will win very easily, unless something very unforeseen happens).

What else?
You can call me Narvestad. I've become the chairman of my housing cooperative.

I've also tried a new beer, the Tongerlo Prior Tripel. Not my cup of tea / beer, Proper Job stays as my favourite, along with Pauwel Kwak.

Prior Tongerlo Tripel



Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Session 92

Mr Pain chills while Mr V does the drills (wow, a rhyme!).

Strong makes slow
Another Tuesday and another track session. Now that there are no one around that yells at me for not running any faster (Mr Pain is focusing on Mr V for now, yay), track session has actually become quite fun. I like the fact that running on a track is being very measurable. Of course, as long as you're outdoor's you have different conditions, like wind and rain, which might alter the equation. That aside, one 400m track is quite often very similar to other 400m tracks (despite of some very fast tracks). I try to run more these days, compared to previous weeks. At the same time I try to gain strength. Not easy at all. On Monday I did three squat sets of 100 kg x 6, which is a lot for being me (never been strong at squats). Hence my legs were slightly heavy this Tuesday. Strong makes slow, light makes fast, it seems like.

Did one more 500m this time than last session. Plan is to do 5 x 500m next week as well, then I'll increase the number of intervals, gradually.

Session 92 : 5 x 500m : Tue, May 28, 2013

Times: 1:45.4 - 1:39.6 - 1:37.4 - 1:38.2 - 1:37.1

"The Name of the Wind", as seen by Marc Simonetti.

What else?
Earlier this year I stopped watching "Justified" after just four episodes of season one. "The Sopranos" I stopped in the middle of season four. Those series were not my cup of tea, and life is too short for being bored. I finished "Boss" season 2, which is a great show. Next show coming up for me is "The Walking Dead" season 3. I do think I'll wait until the weather once more gets colder before starting that though.

I finished "Kill Decision" (view progress). Lost it towards the end, but was still an exciting read. I did prefer "Daemon" and "Freedom TM". Now I've started reading the works of a to me new author, namely Patrick Rothfuss. The fantasy book "The Name of the Wind" seems like a very interesting read, despite I've so far only finished 6% (view progress). This book might very well become a new "Lord of the Rings" experience to me. It might be hoping too much, but it has at least started off very nicely. Can't wait to read more of it.

Two bananas, two kiwis, two scoops of protein powder and some milk. The smoothie season has started. Cheers!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Reader to be executed
1st of July Google is killing Google Reader. Observing this I'm far more reluctant of trusting Google. They will shut off a product whenever they see it right, in their mission to "plussify" the world, no matter how many users the product has got. I wonder how long till Blogger is gone as well, but that is another discussion. backend's backend is currently heavily dependent on Google Reader (the backend architecture has changed since the beginning, where there was no Reader involved). Reader is used for organising both blog sources and Twitter search keywords. Google Reader has a functionality to bundle several RSS feeds into one stream. This functionality is missing from almost every other similar service. The few sites that has got this alternative, the functionality is useless for when you want to merge a large amount of feeds. For the time being has got 166 blog sources and 748 twitter keywords. In all 914 sources. You need a good system for administrating such a number.

Google Reader's interface.

Tweet sources / search keywords view.

Blog sources view.

Active bundles.

From Google Reader the feed is "piped" over to Yahoo Pipes, which handles filtering and sorting. It's the result from "the pipes" that is presented on, and as content of's feed (which also goes through Google Feedburner, assumingly also soon to be killed).

Yahoo Pipes.
The results of Google's decision to kill Google Reader forced me to decide whether I wanted to let die with Google Reader, or develop an alternative solution. As has gained som attraction and has got some leverage I decided on the latter. I will develop version 2.0, renaming the service to Using a norwegian word is more appropriate as almost all the content is in Norwegian. The goal of the service is also to unite people that share, hence the norwegian word "forene", which translates "unite", is an appropriate expression.

Follow the development
For a visual progress on the development check out
If you want a more textual representation of the process you can visit Google Plus instead (yeah, still using Google though).

I can't promise I'll be done by 1st of July. It all depends on the weather. If the sun is shining I'm not going to sit inside in front of the computer. However I hope to have something up and running by then, to avoid the service going down completely.


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Grefsenkollen Opp 2013

Race #10 2013 - 4.5km - 23:29 - Saturday 25th of May

Pic from FuttnFart showing the wonderful promising youth. From L Siri  "fastevenonslowdays" V, Mr Me, Tim "bumtoucher" B, Vemund "alwaynice" A and Adelheid "giveseverything" H.

"Opp" or "opp"
If you ask Språkrådet, or Siri, I would assume that they would state that the name of this race should be "Grefsenkollen opp", however the organisers themselves writes "Grefsenkollen Opp". But this report is not about how to correctly name this race.

Before the race I was looking forward to racing. As soon as I started warming up I got slightly unsure. After the race started I realised it was not that fun afterall. It was just hard. I hated quite much running up this little hill (little as in compared to what awaits me in Chamonix in a far too short period of time). It was actually very painful. This was despite of using illegal drugs, wearing my lightest shoes and being stronger than ever. I've even spent several evenings doing fun stuff to charge my batteries.

It is easy to get frustrated when your past self beats you present self (Mr Me anno. 2012 was faster). Despite of the pain, and being beaten by my past self, I try to not forgetting that just being able to run is a blessing. I hope to never forget this. This is also a wonderful event, with loads of great and fun loving people. Thanks to all of you guys (most on some shots below), for making my day perfect!

If you, that are reading this, have not participated in this event, you should for sure consider it next time. I can promise you pain on the way up. Reaching the top though is rewarding, both the view and the feeling is great at Grefsenkollen.

My plan is to keep racing in the coming weeks. Who knows, maybe my future self will one day be able to give my past self a lesson or two. My present self might even more likely kick my future self's heavy butt. If my future self is going to be around for that long, that is. We know little of what awaits, so better to enjoy the present self to the max.

Atmosphere      : 5/5
+ Very good, and ending up at Grefsenkollen Restaurant doesn't make it any worse either. What a view of Oslo.

Toilets         : 5/5
+ Enough toilets at Haraldsheim hostel.

Value for money : 4/5
- 350 kr entry fee, feels a bit expensive.
+ race tee.
+ loads to drink post race.

Organising      : 5/5
+ Helpful and nice people.
+ Everything went smoothly.

Race Timing     : 5/5
+ Got an accurate time.
+ Got online afterwards very quickly.

Track           : 4/5
+ A nice asphalt hill race.
+ Wonderful view when you get to the top.

OVERALL         : 4.7 / 5

For the track check the 2012 report.


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