Monday, 8 April 2013

Wyller 12/13 season

December - too passive! I hope to be back in November, at the latest...

I can't write about the entire 2012-2013 season, as I started telemark skiing as late as 20th of February. However, from that day and for the rest of the season I've spent a lot of time at Wyller (I should have bought a seasons pass). The last part of the skiing season has been absolutely amazing. The conditions has been fantastic all days I've been there but one (second last day we had rotten snow). I reckon Hedda's expression describing the conditions the final day, 7th of April, can be used for the entire season as a whole: "Psycho nice!". And what a day the closing day was. The people were few and the conditions were perfect, once again. Below are some shots. Please bear in mind that all photos but one are taken on the 7th of April. Having such great conditions that late is truly amazing. Some might reckon it's crazy to say this, but I'm actually looking forward to when the temperature once drops and the snow once more falls over Wyller. Before that though I will truly enjoy summer!

Having a skiing resort like this, 20 minutes from my home, is fantastic. I'm in love with Wyller! And can you imagine, this picture is from April. Craziness!
Wyller also has got Europes's best half pipe, the experts has stated.

Very comfortable six chair's chairlift, with a perfect view to everyone that skis down Wyllerløypa.

The view from the bottom of the wide and nice 1.3 km long Wyllerløypa.

The entrance to the chair lift.

Always smiling Carlo (in the background) says goodbye for this time.

Miss Berntsen was there as well, on the final day.

These skis will be back, in a few months...

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