Sunday, 21 April 2013

Welcome, Summer!

Telemark skiing and Rottefella FreeRide NTN ftw!

Welcome, Summer. Goodbye, Winter.
I've waxed my telemark skies, stored them in my shed and once more put on my runners. I'm not running much, but a a few kilometers a week, which is far better than nothing. Great being back, despite not having that "light feeling". As I'm close to 80 kg feeling like a feather has to wait. For me it's no goal becoming that much lighter either, as strength-wise my current weight is great.

Weekly km:
week 3:  42.5 km [weight: 76-77 kg]
week 4:  30.0 km
week 5:   0.0 km (28th Jan - 3rd Feb)
week 6:   0.0 km
week 7:   0.0 km
week 8:   0.0 km
week 9:   0.0 km
week 10:  0.0 km
week 11:  3.0 km (11th - 17th Mar)
week 12:  5.0 km
week 13:  7.0 km
week 14: 18.3 km
week 15: 13.2 km [weight: 79-80 kg]
week 16: 28.9 km (15th - 21st Mar)

Sognsvann Rundt Medsols
Luckily I didn't miss the start of the 2013 season of SRM, and the good thing about starting slow is that it hopefully is easy to set season bests. Just too bad one round in sub 13 now feels quite hard.
SRM #1-2013: 13:45
SRM #2-2013: 13:11
SRM #3-2013: 13:05

Upcoming races
I had signed up for both Sentrumløpet and GöteborgsVarvet. Unfortunately I won't be able to do any of those events. My leg is just not ready for asphalt races, yet. Hence my first big race of the season will become Råskinnet, which is one of my favorites through out the season.

Summary of things
Just to mention a few (of many) things I've done since last:
- I've added more photos to the top of this blog, and changed the top banner (updated my kThumb program).
- I'm working on a project called "SleepTracker".
- I've started season two of Boss, and love it.
- I've started watching Justified (, but need to see a few more episodes before I make up my mind.
- I got bored of Sopranos in season 4 (s04e05).
- I've read Daemon, which I loved and hence continued with Freedom TM.
- I'm continuing dreaming about Japan, and have started planning a powder trip next winter.

Talking about Japan, and skiing:
I'm one of the few people that love skiing "on piste" ("on piste is the new off piste", right?). Having said that, powder is truly amazing, as the telemark clip below shows:

And a nice (bloody awesome) video about skiing in Japan:

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