Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sugar in the morning...

... and chicks in the evening!

On the weekend I decided to find myself some chicks, and after a few clicks on the Internet I located the sites and

Russian chicks, but not for free (src:

The Russian girls looked really kind, but as I previously have a "slightly" bad experience with women from abroad I ended up registering on the Norwegian site instead ("sukker" is Norwegian for "sugar").

I spent some time thinking of how to profile myself on Of course, to get the hot chicks you have to present yourself as a successful alpha male, as the leader of the pack. Powerful, successful, rich, fit and smart. Suddenly I realised that I did not have to pretend at all. Those words are the words that represent Mr Me. I AM THE PERFECT ALPHA MALE. I created my profile and leaned back.

My honest profile on

All I have to do now is waiting for the girls coming running my way.

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