Thursday, 25 April 2013

SRM #350

Race #4 2013 - 3258m - 12:40 - Wednesday 24th of April

The SRM banner was once more raised at Sognsvann by Mr Leira.

The fourth time this season and my 113th (!) Sognsvann Rundt Medsols race in total since late 2008. I guess I can admit that running around Sognsvann (which by the way is a lake 183 meters above sea level) each Wednesday from April till November has become a nice tradition.

I managed to go sub 13 minutes for the first time since my tibia injury. It was also 55 seconds faster than SRM #1-2013. A time I'm quite satisfied with for the time being. It did not at all come for free though. I actually had to push really hard, and played with the thought of giving up several times from 1.5 km and onwards. That aside, I did not want to quit so I kept going despite of continuously slower kilometer times.

From next week the plan is to start running two rounds, as doing one is too painful. As well I'm gradually increasing my weekly kilometers, towards my goal of about 50.

Ringom aka. The Terminator ready to crush his competitors (src: morphogenetically).

Claes and the lake.

Heming Rundt Medsols.

Want to see more photos? Check out Espen Ringom's blog.

View the running data on Garmin Connect.


  1. haha! Terminator. Mener denne var i bruk i fjor også? =)

    1. Jepp:


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