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Fischer RC4 WC GS review

Review of the "Fischer RC4 WC GS 183cm >21m radius" with Rottefella NTN Freeride, as a telemark ski.

Disclaimer: Fischer nor Rottefella is paying me a single dime / Norwegian Krone / what-have-you-got. This is a review solely based on my own experience, where I have not been bought in any way (that I'm aware of)!

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The short review
It is a fantastic telemark ski for the slopes!

The long review
I've been using an older model of the Fischer RC4 WC GS skis for one season. Not sure exactly what year the skis are from, but it might be a 09/10 model. The major difference in between this model and the new ones is that the turn radius is a lot less. This ski has got a > 21m turn radius, while the new giant slalom (GS) skis now has radius of 35 meters, due to new FIS regulations. For telemark skiing a good (short) turn radius is crucial, especially since it's impossible to get the same power on the edge of the ski compared to alpine skiing. That aside, with the Rottefella NTN Freeride bindings you are given heaps more control and power than any other type of telemark binding (once again: Rottefella is not paying me one dime for making that statement, as an avid telemark skier I've just got experience with several bindings, and the NTN Freeride is superior to them all).

What is really nifty with the Fischer skis is the pre-mounted "racingplate" on top of the ski, which is great for mounting the Rottefella "mountingplates" and the bindings. The entire setup gives you perfect amount of space from the base of the ski sole to the top of the binding, which ease getting the ski on edge while skiing.

Overall the Fischer RC4 WC GS is a fantastic telemark ski for the slopes. It is very stable in high speeds and doing telemark turns in 70 km/h is no stress. With the setup described above the ski is easy to get on the edge, and keep there. The Fischer skis carves like a dream, making even some alpinists jealous. The only challenge with them occurs when it gets too steep. Despite a short turn radius compared to today's GS skis it is still too long for keeping the speed down in steep and narrow slopes. It just doesn't turn fast enough, the speed gets too high and in the end the only option is to start sideslipping (which is something every skier should try to avoid).

There is one bigger problem with these skis though, which is that they are no longer in production. I was very lucky to find one last pair in a sport shop here in Oslo. I wish I had a backup as well.

Fischer A0492 RC4 WC GS 183cm.

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src: morphogenetically

Newly waxed skis. Shows the height from the base to the top. Perfect!

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