Thursday, 25 April 2013

SRM #350

Race #4 2013 - 3258m - 12:40 - Wednesday 24th of April

The SRM banner was once more raised at Sognsvann by Mr Leira.

The fourth time this season and my 113th (!) Sognsvann Rundt Medsols race in total since late 2008. I guess I can admit that running around Sognsvann (which by the way is a lake 183 meters above sea level) each Wednesday from April till November has become a nice tradition.

I managed to go sub 13 minutes for the first time since my tibia injury. It was also 55 seconds faster than SRM #1-2013. A time I'm quite satisfied with for the time being. It did not at all come for free though. I actually had to push really hard, and played with the thought of giving up several times from 1.5 km and onwards. That aside, I did not want to quit so I kept going despite of continuously slower kilometer times.

From next week the plan is to start running two rounds, as doing one is too painful. As well I'm gradually increasing my weekly kilometers, towards my goal of about 50.

Ringom aka. The Terminator ready to crush his competitors (src: morphogenetically).

Claes and the lake.

Heming Rundt Medsols.

Want to see more photos? Check out Espen Ringom's blog.

View the running data on Garmin Connect.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Brev til Norges friidrettsforbund

from:       Frode Klevstul
date:       Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 8:21 AM
subject:    Brev til Norges friidrettsforbund


Jeg var ute og løp i går, og har også tenkt til å delta i en løpskonkurranse i morgen. Uten tvil driver jeg altså med idrett på fritiden. Naiv som jeg har vært har jeg trodd jeg kunne drive med idrett fult og helt på egne premisser. Nå viser det jo at jeg har tatt helt feil, da dere har eierskap til slike aktiviteter i Norge:
"Vi mener at som idrettsforbund så har vi eierskap til det som foregår av idrett i Norge."
Kilde :

Mitt spørsmål til dere er hvordan jeg lovlig skal kunne drive med løping, og annen idrett for den saks skyld? Jeg planlegger å løpe ca 40-50 km per uke i år, pluss kanskje litt sykling og svømming. Hvor mye vil dette koste meg, og hvordan kan jeg få betalt dere?

Frode Klevstul


Fischer RC4 WC GS review

Review of the "Fischer RC4 WC GS 183cm >21m radius" with Rottefella NTN Freeride, as a telemark ski.

Disclaimer: Fischer nor Rottefella is paying me a single dime / Norwegian Krone / what-have-you-got. This is a review solely based on my own experience, where I have not been bought in any way (that I'm aware of)!

src: morphogenetically

The short review
It is a fantastic telemark ski for the slopes!

The long review
I've been using an older model of the Fischer RC4 WC GS skis for one season. Not sure exactly what year the skis are from, but it might be a 09/10 model. The major difference in between this model and the new ones is that the turn radius is a lot less. This ski has got a > 21m turn radius, while the new giant slalom (GS) skis now has radius of 35 meters, due to new FIS regulations. For telemark skiing a good (short) turn radius is crucial, especially since it's impossible to get the same power on the edge of the ski compared to alpine skiing. That aside, with the Rottefella NTN Freeride bindings you are given heaps more control and power than any other type of telemark binding (once again: Rottefella is not paying me one dime for making that statement, as an avid telemark skier I've just got experience with several bindings, and the NTN Freeride is superior to them all).

What is really nifty with the Fischer skis is the pre-mounted "racingplate" on top of the ski, which is great for mounting the Rottefella "mountingplates" and the bindings. The entire setup gives you perfect amount of space from the base of the ski sole to the top of the binding, which ease getting the ski on edge while skiing.

Overall the Fischer RC4 WC GS is a fantastic telemark ski for the slopes. It is very stable in high speeds and doing telemark turns in 70 km/h is no stress. With the setup described above the ski is easy to get on the edge, and keep there. The Fischer skis carves like a dream, making even some alpinists jealous. The only challenge with them occurs when it gets too steep. Despite a short turn radius compared to today's GS skis it is still too long for keeping the speed down in steep and narrow slopes. It just doesn't turn fast enough, the speed gets too high and in the end the only option is to start sideslipping (which is something every skier should try to avoid).

There is one bigger problem with these skis though, which is that they are no longer in production. I was very lucky to find one last pair in a sport shop here in Oslo. I wish I had a backup as well.

Fischer A0492 RC4 WC GS 183cm.

src: morphogenetically

src: morphogenetically

Newly waxed skis. Shows the height from the base to the top. Perfect!

src: morphogenetically

src: morphogenetically

src: morphogenetically

Monday, 22 April 2013


Listed in chronological order:
Concussion                        : athletics (long jump)
Slipped disc                      : skiing
Anterior cruciate ligament injury : skiing
Broken thumb                      : skiing
Achilles tendinitis               : running
Sprained fingers                  : krav maga
Shin splints                      : running
Charley horse                     : running
Plantar fasciitis                 : running
Tibia fracture                    : running

athletics : 1
krav maga : 1
skiing    : 3
running   : 5

running is very injurious!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sugar in the morning...

... and chicks in the evening!

On the weekend I decided to find myself some chicks, and after a few clicks on the Internet I located the sites and

Russian chicks, but not for free (src:

The Russian girls looked really kind, but as I previously have a "slightly" bad experience with women from abroad I ended up registering on the Norwegian site instead ("sukker" is Norwegian for "sugar").

I spent some time thinking of how to profile myself on Of course, to get the hot chicks you have to present yourself as a successful alpha male, as the leader of the pack. Powerful, successful, rich, fit and smart. Suddenly I realised that I did not have to pretend at all. Those words are the words that represent Mr Me. I AM THE PERFECT ALPHA MALE. I created my profile and leaned back.

My honest profile on

All I have to do now is waiting for the girls coming running my way.

Welcome, Summer!

Telemark skiing and Rottefella FreeRide NTN ftw!

Welcome, Summer. Goodbye, Winter.
I've waxed my telemark skies, stored them in my shed and once more put on my runners. I'm not running much, but a a few kilometers a week, which is far better than nothing. Great being back, despite not having that "light feeling". As I'm close to 80 kg feeling like a feather has to wait. For me it's no goal becoming that much lighter either, as strength-wise my current weight is great.

Weekly km:
week 3:  42.5 km [weight: 76-77 kg]
week 4:  30.0 km
week 5:   0.0 km (28th Jan - 3rd Feb)
week 6:   0.0 km
week 7:   0.0 km
week 8:   0.0 km
week 9:   0.0 km
week 10:  0.0 km
week 11:  3.0 km (11th - 17th Mar)
week 12:  5.0 km
week 13:  7.0 km
week 14: 18.3 km
week 15: 13.2 km [weight: 79-80 kg]
week 16: 28.9 km (15th - 21st Mar)

Sognsvann Rundt Medsols
Luckily I didn't miss the start of the 2013 season of SRM, and the good thing about starting slow is that it hopefully is easy to set season bests. Just too bad one round in sub 13 now feels quite hard.
SRM #1-2013: 13:45
SRM #2-2013: 13:11
SRM #3-2013: 13:05

Upcoming races
I had signed up for both Sentrumløpet and GöteborgsVarvet. Unfortunately I won't be able to do any of those events. My leg is just not ready for asphalt races, yet. Hence my first big race of the season will become Råskinnet, which is one of my favorites through out the season.

Summary of things
Just to mention a few (of many) things I've done since last:
- I've added more photos to the top of this blog, and changed the top banner (updated my kThumb program).
- I'm working on a project called "SleepTracker".
- I've started season two of Boss, and love it.
- I've started watching Justified (, but need to see a few more episodes before I make up my mind.
- I got bored of Sopranos in season 4 (s04e05).
- I've read Daemon, which I loved and hence continued with Freedom TM.
- I'm continuing dreaming about Japan, and have started planning a powder trip next winter.

Talking about Japan, and skiing:
I'm one of the few people that love skiing "on piste" ("on piste is the new off piste", right?). Having said that, powder is truly amazing, as the telemark clip below shows:

And a nice (bloody awesome) video about skiing in Japan:

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


"[Bitcoin is] completely decentralized, with no central server or trusted parties, because everything is based on crypto proof instead of trust. The root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust. Banks must be trusted to hold our money and transfer it electronically, but they lend it out in waves of credit bubbles with barely a fraction in reserve. We have to trust them with our privacy, trust them not to let identity thieves drain our accounts… With e-currency based on cryptographic proof, without the need to trust a third party middleman, money can be secure and transactions effortless." src: Satoshi Nakamoto at

The virtual currency Bitcoin (own wiki page | wikipedia) has gotten a lot of attention lately, and the currency has skyrocket. This is said to be partly due to the economic crisis we've got in Europe, and the problems with Cypriot banks (src: The New Yorker). As a result investors have started speculating in Bitcoins, which has pushed the prices. Just a few months back, in mid-January, Bitcoins were traded for 4 - 12 USD. At the time of writing you can buy Bitcoins for $174, and it seems not to stop there.


There is a solution to get hold of some Bitcoins without buying them though. You can actually use your computer(s) to mine for bitcoins. This takes time, and the more that does this the harder it becomes to get any coins. Many of those who mine are also spending quite a lot of money on mining machines, just check out the search term "bitcoin mining rigs" on However, if you want to play with some mining here is a very short tutorial on how to do it. I'm also attaching some links to other resources if you want to learn more about Bitcoin, and how it works. To check out how profitable mining is, check out this handy calculator.

Get started with Bitcoins
Get a Bitcoin wallet
You need a wallet to store your Bitcoins. On you can chose your wallet.  I went for the Electrum wallet, just for the simplicity of it.

Start mining
I found a good page describing how to get started with mining, namely the page I followed their recommendation, so here is just a short list of what is described in more detail on that page.

Join a pool
I signed up at to join the slush's pool.

Get mining software
I went for the GUIMiner, but there might be other more efficient miners to chose (check out the list at

Start mining
It's just a matter of adding your account info from slush's pool to the GUIMiner and start earning.

Mining for Bitcoins.

Start earning
In a while you will earn some bitcoins as well. With a slow machine it will not be much, but at least it is a start to a world of a virtual currency.

Rewarded with 0.0009503 BTC.

MtGox seems to be the biggest exchange for Bitcoin trading. So if you want to get some coins, and reckon mining is too inefficient you can also buy some coins there.

There are alternatives to Bitcoin, like Litecoin. However it seems like Bitcoin is winning the race of becoming the de facto standard as a virtual currency.

Don't forget
"I still tell people that Bitcoin is an experiment: only invest time or money you can afford to lose, because Bitcoin is still an experiment." src: Gavin Andresen at

Learn more
Below are some resources if you want to learn more about Bitcoin, and how it works.
Check out a 1:44 minutes long introduction video.
Visit the page
Check out SecurityNow's more technical video on how Bitcoin works.
Read The New Yorker's The future of Bitcoin.
Read The New Yorker's The number: $141.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Wyller 12/13 season

December - too passive! I hope to be back in November, at the latest...

I can't write about the entire 2012-2013 season, as I started telemark skiing as late as 20th of February. However, from that day and for the rest of the season I've spent a lot of time at Wyller (I should have bought a seasons pass). The last part of the skiing season has been absolutely amazing. The conditions has been fantastic all days I've been there but one (second last day we had rotten snow). I reckon Hedda's expression describing the conditions the final day, 7th of April, can be used for the entire season as a whole: "Psycho nice!". And what a day the closing day was. The people were few and the conditions were perfect, once again. Below are some shots. Please bear in mind that all photos but one are taken on the 7th of April. Having such great conditions that late is truly amazing. Some might reckon it's crazy to say this, but I'm actually looking forward to when the temperature once drops and the snow once more falls over Wyller. Before that though I will truly enjoy summer!

Having a skiing resort like this, 20 minutes from my home, is fantastic. I'm in love with Wyller! And can you imagine, this picture is from April. Craziness!
Wyller also has got Europes's best half pipe, the experts has stated.

Very comfortable six chair's chairlift, with a perfect view to everyone that skis down Wyllerløypa.

The view from the bottom of the wide and nice 1.3 km long Wyllerløypa.

The entrance to the chair lift.

Always smiling Carlo (in the background) says goodbye for this time.

Miss Berntsen was there as well, on the final day.

These skis will be back, in a few months...

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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Sognsvann Rundt Medsols 2013

Race #1 2013 - 3258m - 13:45 - Wednesday 3rd of April

SRM's new logo, as designed by brilliant Mrs Neli Kazakova.

Yesterday the 13th Sognsvann Rundt Medsols season started. For me it's the 6th season, as I began racing around the lake October 2008. If we're just looking at the result, and nothing more, I'm back to my 2008 fitness level as well. That is not a good thing though. I ran in 13:45, which is not exactly lightning fast (even for me). However it would be slightly off to just look at the results. 25th of January was the previous time I had a proper run. In other words it has been nine and a half weeks without much running (only a few very short and very slow treadmill sessions have been accomplished). This all due to my tibia fracture this winter. This type of injury takes very long to heal, so I'm trying to be smart (not always easy) and following the advices I've been getting from Mr CD (my medic in charge). To be honest, not running for this long has not at all been hard. I've actually really enjoyed this period, as I've been far from bored.

I've done several workout sessions at the balcony lately. Mærraølen, here I come!

I've also spent heaps of time at the muscle factory, getting the pump:
"The greatest feeling you can get in the gym, or the most satisfying feeling you can get in the gym, is the pump. Let's say you train your biceps. Blood is rushing into your muscles, and that's what we call the pump. Your muscles get a really tight feeling, like your skin is going to explode any minute. And it is really tight, it is like someone is blowing air into your muscles. It just blows up, and it feels different, it feels fantastic. It is as satisfying to me as coming is, you know, as having sex with a woman and coming. Can you believe how much I am in heaven? I'm like getting the feeling of coming in the gym, I'm getting the feeling of coming at home, I'm getting the feeling of coming backstage when I pump up, when I pose in front of 5000 people I get the same feeling. So I am coming day and night. I mean, it is terrific, right?"
Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I'm soon the biggest guy at the gym (getting the pump, just like coming aka. cuming...).

Next to working on the pump I'm trying to master a new skill, standing on my hands. It's weird, but it's actually something I've never done as a kid. It's never too late though, I hope.

I've also spent heaps of time doing telemark skiing, and it is wonderful being back. It has taken time to know the new NTN way of skiing, but I'm definitively getting there. I've also done other other types of activites in the last period of time.

Mr Me, as immortalised by Espen Ringom.

Having said that, it is awesome running again. It is also wonderful to once more meet all the great smiling people in a race like SRM. It will still take several weeks before I'm at 50 km a week, but 10 km a week is heaps better than 0.

Finally, it is time!

Adelheid was back.

The sun is shining, and Silja and the rest of the SRM team is smiling. You got to love this race!

Siri V is posing for the camera, minutes before she kicked my butt around the lake.

Marianne, happy as always.

Marit and Siri, chicks that can run #ctcr

New shoes, that I bet looked slightly different after the race (no, they were not my shoes, but Janicke's).

Christopher and Rune Kenneth.

Some new faces, some old. A great group of peeps.

Espen and Eiksund.

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