Thursday, 14 March 2013

Telemark skiing analysis

A perfect day for telemark skiing at Wyller (src: morphogenetically).

I've been using my Garmin 910XT for tracking speed and heart rate data when doing on-pist telemark skiing in Wyllerløypa. Here are the results.

First of all, Wyllerløpya is my favourite track (overall, ever) when it comes to on-pist telemark skiing. It's just perfect. It starts of quite flat, and gradually gets steeper, with a few nice "heng" (how to translate "heng" into English I do not know). The slope is wide and the length, 1.3 km, is great. You can ski all the way down at once, and relax in the chair-lift on your way to the top.

Heart rate.

With an average speed of about 50 km/h it takes no more than one and a half minutes from the top to the bottom, without any stops. During this time my pulse goes from about 50-60 bpm to 140-150 bpm. Hence there is some aerobic effect. However, not close to a proper running interval session.


The top speed achieve in one run is normally within the 60 - 70 km/h range, but it quickly becomes a lot faster (+80 km/h) unless doing sharp turns. That is why skiing without helmet and other protection equipment is brainless.

It's easy to gain speed, even without trying.

If not turning at all you'll achieve a speed greater than 100 km/h in no time. A "few" years back I got to test a mild variation of speed skiing in Hemsedal. I reached 115.1 km/h, and that was in a slope that was far from very steep. It didn't even feel that fast, as the slope was wide and perfectly prepared. It's when you do turns in that speed you'll notice how fast it is. It's still not fast compared to those doing downhill on alpine skis, who reaches +140 km/h, while doing hefty curves. Something that would be impossible doing telemark.

115.1 km/h, officially recorded, back in 1997. And yes, this was on telemark equipment as well.

I normally don't get that tired in my legs, but due to my telemark technique I'm giving my lower back much work for the bucks. In general telemark skiing is also good balance training, as you will have to focus to position your body perfectly for managing a good carving turn.

I love Wyller (src: morphogenetically).

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