Saturday, 30 March 2013

A simple solution

Traffic jams
All over the globe today an increase in traffic is a growing problem. The roads built years ago are too narrow and too few. The public transport systems are packed and our environment is suffering. In most cities the politicians are talking about building more and bigger roads and railways. However this is extremely costly and it will for sure not help the environment. The main reason for traffic jams is that people go to work in the morning, and go home in the afternoon/evening, more or less at the same time of the day.

The simple solution
The irony is that there is a very simple solution to this problem. There is a solution that will dramatically reduce the traffic on our roads and on our public transport systems. And this will not cost anything at all. The solution is to have people working from their homes. For occupations, like teachers, health workers, shop assistants and so on this of course is not doable. However, today a lot of workers do all their work in front of a computer. There is no reason why these people need to come into an office every day. Going into the office is old fashion. There is nothing important that you can't do from home that you are doing in the office. Meetings, for example, are generally a complete waste of time, but if you really need them you have great tools like Google Hangout and Skype.

Save time
To many the work place is also their main social arena. But when you're working you should work, and not waste time on being social. Social you can be after work. So in stead of spending much time commuting you can spend that time hanging out with good friends and growing your hobbies instead.

Save money
Not only the government would save money, companies would save enormous amounts on letting people working from home. First of all they would not need big expensive offices for all their workers. Then you have all those that don't come to work because of things like sick kids, those who leaves early because they have to pick up their kids from kindergarten or school, or what have you got. People would be able to work more.

Stay in control
Unfortunately most leaders today won't let their employees work from anywhere but the office. They are afraid of changes and afraid of losing control. This is no valid argument though, as it is easier than ever to keep track of productivity digitally.

Save our planet, work from home!

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