Sunday, 10 February 2013

Twidere for

I'm using for microblogging. This is because I like to have more control of the content I do write, than what for example Twitter gives me. With Twitter you didn't even use to be able to get hold of your old tweets. Luckily this has changed now though, as you can request your archive. I've also set up, using, so that if I use the tag "_t" somewhere in my post, the post is automatically published on Twitter.

Edit API settings for using

The drawback with is that because it's not as widely used as Twitter there are not that many good apps for it either. I've been using Mustard on my Nexus devices, which has done the job well, but just isn't that sleek. Hence I was happy when I read that Twidere works with / as well. It should simply be a matter of changing the "REST Base URL" to "" (or "") and setting "Auth type" to "Basic".

Error while signing in.

Getting Twidere to work was not that straight forward though. I almost gave up as I did run into one problem. I ended up getting the error message "Error while signing in: Can't get profile image". This seems to be a bug with the app, as it was not related to me having a profile picture / avatar on or not (I tried different once, tiny ones, medium ones, big ones, and tried without any profile picture at all).

Set colour.

With a colour logging in works fine. Beats me why.

To get this working I needed, by some strange reason, to set the (background?) colour of the app. To set a colour is done by tapping the palette icon in the bottom right corner and picking a colour. Having done this logging in worked like a charm.

Twidere for


  1. hey, thanks for the hint with the login bug :)

  2. There's hope yet. Still it can't load replies in the reply tab (404 error) or avatars, but it does make for another twitter/statusnet/ in one client option!
    Thanks for the tip!

  3. UPDATE:
    Now that has swapped from using StatusNet to I'm testing out Impeller instead of Twidere:

    1. Impeller didn't work at all. VERY buggy. Did try the android client Puma as well, but also that was crappy. At the time of writing there is no working android client supporting


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