Friday, 8 February 2013

Taste of blood

While we're at the beanies topic: As a proud member of Blodsmak Sportsklubb I have a new beanie coming up. A beanie perfect for outdoor activities, like skiing (running is soooo 2012, so I'm not doing that at the moment). Only 100 copies are made this time, but I reckon more will be made later on. My club now has reached 228 members as well. Not bad.

Blodsmak Sportsklubb

Anecdote (in Norwegian)
Hørt på Olympiatoppen:
Mr Vb: "Hei Frode."
Mr Me: "Halloisen."
Mr Vb: "Du ser trett ut!"
Mr Me: "Javel?"
Mr Vb: "Det må være tretthetsbruddet, hahahahahahah."
Mr Me: "Ehh..."

Because all my friends did

New toy
I can't wait to try these out. Thanks to the great people at Torshov Sport for a very good deal.
Fischer RC4 World Cup Giant Slalom with radius >21m (old style ftw).
src: morphogenetically


No gold was found.

src: morphogenetically

Pizza and porn?
Yes and no. 100 inch screen ftw!

src: morphogenetically

Tokyo Notes
My new project. Tokyo Notes. Will be "released" sometime 2013.

src: morphogenetically

Dreamlines IV
Flying, must be the most awesome thing to experience.

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