Friday, 22 February 2013

I'm back

I had not done a single telemark turn in four years, before this Wednesday that was. Now I am back. Luckily that is a very good feeling as I had almost forgotten how fun skiing is.

These days there are not many people left doing telemark, compared with the 90s when it was the big thing in Norway. Now most people are doing alpine skiing. I don't blame them as alpine is great fun as well. To me though, the argument that there are very few telemark skiers left, was one of several reasons why I didn't convert to alpine.

NTN Freerride (src:

Over the years I've used several bindings for telemark skiing. From the old 75mm 3-pin binding, to a variety of Rottefella cable bindings, like the Chilli, Cobra and what have you got. Back in 2009 I was using Linken. Now I decided to go for the New Telemark Norm, or the NTN system. As these bindings are very stiff I found it challenging skiing again. After two days of skiing I still has not managed the transition. However, I'm determined to get there. I do believe that the NTN is a brilliant system, when you get used to it. Having said that, it's possible to change the springs / power tubes. I'm using blue (medium). Below is a video of me, struggling with finding back to the great feeling of mastering a carving telemark turn.

What has kept me back from doing telemark, for this long, has been the amount of equipment that is needed. It's quite costly when you have to get almost everything, from goggles to skis. And that was the case with me, since I unfortunately did get a bit trigger happy on back in 2010. I thought I would end up in Australia, so it seemed like a smart move back then.

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