Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Distance and records

It's interesting comparing distance, and time of year, with when records are set. I'm very satisfied when I get 50 - 60 km a week. However, as displayed on the chart below I sometimes I run a bit more, often less. It depends what your running goals are, but there is no doubt it's possible doing OK with around 50 km. Running less gives more time to train alternatively, and hence less chance of getting injured. Having said that, it's still possible getting injured with few kilometres a week as well though.

Below is an interactive diagram that shows my weekly kilometres along with my personal records. I haven't added any data from before September 2009, as I unfortunately used Polar Personal Trainer back then. If I one day feel bored enough I might import some of those numbers as well, as I have recorded my training sessions back to October 2007.



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