Sunday, 20 January 2013 : report three - xmas edition.

Another reports on "those who share" (report one and report two) for the site

Part one : When they share
Note that this parts of the stats are based on numbers from last 30 days. Christmas has for sure affected the statistics.

Time of day : blog posts
The first report showed that most posts were published at 10 pm (10:00-10:59 pm). Then 9 pm became the most popular time of day for sharing content. This has shifted a bit more, and now most posts are published in between 8 pm and 10 pm. One guess is that winter is effecting these numbers. In summer we tend to stay out for longer. There is no doubt a lot of people blog at work either. A lot of blog posts tends to be published around around the end of a work day.

Time of day for blogging.

Day of week : blog posts
Both previously reports showed that Sunday were the most popular day for sharing content, and Saturday was the least popular day. Sunday is still to preferred day for blogging, closely followed by Monday. This time Wednesday has got least posts published.

Day of week for blogging.

Time of day : tweets
People send most running related tweets from work or school, at 3 pm (using a "slightly" wrong assumption that all those who are tweeting about running are working or studying, and that every day for the last 30 days has been a a work day). Last time we looked at these numbers 2 pm stood out as a popular time of day for tweeting.

Time of day for tweeting.

Day of week : tweets
Tuesday was the tweet day last time. For the last 30 days Sunday has been the most popular tweeting day as well.

Day of week for tweeting.

Part two : What is popular
As Google feedburner is being used for the feed we have some nice statistics here as well. At the time of writing 54 people have subscribed to the blog content feed. However this feed is also used on, so that these numbers should give the entire picture on what posts are the most popular.

Subscribers and reach on the feed, for 19th of January 2013.

Below is a list of the most popular posts for the last 30 days.

Feed stat, last 30 days.

When we look at the feed statistics for all time we see that Siri Vilberg and Tim Bennett are the most popular bloggers. At least in terms of having the most popular blog posts. They both have two posts on the top ten list (the "7 dager igjen" post belongs to Mr Bennett). Tim is the only man on this list, the rest are girls. Other bloggers that has got popular posts are Silja Svanstrøm, Guro EriksenKunnskapsrikTrening, Janicke Ekelberg and Karoline Grøvdal. These numbers doesn't say anything about what blog is the most popular over all.

Feed stat, all time.

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