Sunday, 13 January 2013

Namban Rengo Sunday

Bob, in yellow, and members of Namban Rengo, ready for the Sunday workout.

Sunday and another get-together with Team Namban Rengo. As Bob, head of the group, lives practically in my neighbourhood (or I live in his, to be more precise) we ended up running partly where I've been before. The track with marks in the asphalt every 100m is a great place to exercise. When you get up to Tamako (lake Tama) and Sayamako (Google Maps) it is quite scenic as well.

The local karate club, doing barefoot running.

We started off at an onsen close to Hanakoganei station, and as you can see on the map below, ran a more or less straight line back and forth to Tamako. On my way back I jumped off at Kumegawa where my bike was sitting. Ended up with 20.68 km, in my new adizero Tempo 5 wide (lovely shoes by the way), which was a satisfactory distance for me.

View run: on Google Maps // on Garmin Connect

Post running, chilling out with a Sapporo Hakone Ekiden edition.

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