Friday, 11 January 2013

J-notes #2

Personal notes, based on subjective observations, from Tokyo, Japan. Presented in random order.
Part 1 can be viewed here.

Being a Tokyo fashion girl must be bloody cold in winter.

Cigarettes are very cheap (440 yen, or 28 kr at the moment of writing, for 20 cigarettes). And yes, many people do smoke as well.

Bento box
198 yen (12.27 kr) and you have a tasty and healthy breakfast.

As a cyclist there seems to be less rules. You can cycle on both sides of the road and on the pavement as well.

Face masks
Face masks are hot, and has started spreading to Europe as well.

Never leave chopsticks standing straight up and down in the rice. You do that only in funerals.

Sharing the same bathtub water is common. However you do wash before you jump in. Bathwater also stays warm. And to make a bath means to set the temperature and press the "start" button.

People seems tired and sleep on trains. It's actually quite comfortable sleeping on trains, if you get a seat that is.

Ekidens are huge.

Trash cans are very hard to find, despite this fact there is little littering. Not even houses has got bins for trash. In stead you place your plastic bags outside your house on the day of picking up trash. Different type of trash is picked up on different days. There is plastic garbage, burnable garbage and unburnable garbage. What goes into the latter bag is unclear for me. If you put wrong items inside any garbage bags, the trash will be left sitting outside your house.

One hour
Getting from A to B always takes one hour (more or less).

New Years
Everyone cleans their houses at New Years Eve.

The popular dogs are the small ones.

Times three
To emphasise something, at least on TV, you have to repeat it three times.

Too much wrapping is in use, specially plastic wrapping.

Hair dressers
Hair dressers and barbers give you a nice head and shoulder massage after they've cut your hair or shaved you. And the way they work is truly amazing and has to be experienced.

Taxi doors open and close by themselves.

Electricity is insanely expensive, at least compared with Norway. We just got a bill on 40057 yen for 1393 kWh. That means 28.76 yen/kWh (1.78 NOK/kWh).

Most days are sunny and dry, at least in winter that is.

Abu ramen
Abu ramen is very good, if you are at the right ramen restaurant.

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