Friday, 4 January 2013

Imperial Palace

The Palace being protect by moats and high walls.

My last run in 2012 became a memorable one. I joined Chika from Namban Rengo for one of the most common runs in down town Tokyo, the Imperial Palace run. One round around the palace is 5 km. We ended up doing three rounds. It was slightly cold as it was raining and only being a few degrees warm. Luckily the showers at Art Sports Hibiya were very warm. Since I was already a Art Sports member (from having bought a few pair of shoes there) I just used 6 of my points for access to the very nice locker rooms and showers. Very convenient as that shop is located next to the palace. By the way, as my runners got wet and there was a sale I ended up buying my fifth pair of runners, this time Nike Lunarspider (6990 Yen, or 444 NOK at the time of writing). No more shoe shopping now, before 2014, I think.

When you have to be in the city before 9 am you have to get up bloody early. Getting up 6:30 is not common for me.

Kumegawa train station, early Sunday morning.

Art Sports Hibiya

Nice, clean and warm. Brilliant.

The Emperor's grass is a grass you do NOT walk on.

Wide 5 km asphalt road around the Palace. Traffic on once side, the Palace on the other.

The East Gardens.

Unusually few runners this morning.

Chika from Namban Rengo.


An unusually grey day in Tokyo.

Nike Lunarspider.

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