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Higashimurayama-Chuo Park
The place I do most of my running here in Tokyo, and has become my favourite, is Higashimurayama-Chuo Park, or 東村山中央公園‎ (info in Japanese and info in English). As the park is less than 200m from where I live in Higashimurayama it's very convenient. The park is great for intervals as you can pretty much create any distance you like, from 360m and upwards. The park consists of several loops, so "only" your imagination can stop you from creating a distance that suits you. There are not that many people in the park either, so running "fast" has never been a problem. On the weekends there are a few on the grass though, flying kites, walking their dogs (but always picking up the dog poo), playing with their kids and what have you got. The park is nice now, but will be even nicer when summer comes.

Info about the park
Opened  June 1, 1988.
Area   121,098.87 m2 (some areas are state-owned property provided under gratuitous loan).
Main plants:  Japanese Red Pine, Sawtooth OakJapanese Zelkova, Konara Oak, CherryAzalea, Japanese Kerria.
Facilities: Bird sanctuary, stream, small waterfall, gateball court, central field (multi-use field), snail pond.

〒189-0024 東京都東村山市富士見町5丁目4−67

Example session
Here is a session I did on the 1st of January: 2 x 1.81 km + 2 x 1.5 km + 2 x 1.04 km + 1 x 720m + 1 x 360m.

View run: on Google Maps // on Garmin Connect


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