Monday, 21 January 2013

DIY Japanese style table

Disclaimer #1: This is no interior design blog.
Disclaimer #2: Yes, there are several product placement. No, none of these are sponsoring me.

Easy Peasy Japanesey
I wanted a small table that I could easily stow away, that was low but could become slightly higher as well. The solution was to make it myself. I dropped by Maxbo, bought a pine top in 60 x 120 cm (about 700 kr) and four pieces of 50 cm long 10 x 10 cm beams (about 100 kr). I also added some paint for the legs, and some varnish for the table top (about 500 kr). The main job was to paint and varnish. To set up the table is just a matter of laying down the tabletop on top of the legs. Easy Peasy Japanesey!

The legs, waiting for some paint.

Two layers of Jotun Mokka, for that rough feeling.

Legs all painted.

Varnish for the pine table top.

Wait for the paint and varnish to dry. Celebrate the proper job with a Proper Job (my favourite when it comes to beers). 

Low style
20 cm legs.

True Japanese style table.

High style
50 cm legs.

Alternative height.

Stowed style
Not much space needed.

The picture of the girl you say? Ah, that one! It's a movie poster for Swimming Pool.

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