Thursday, 31 January 2013


It's important doing the best out of every situation. Being injured gives me more time on my hands.

Outrunning Godzilla might be tough, but I can dream about it. (src: instagram).

I can ski while pretending being somewhere in the Hoth system (src: instagram).

I can sleep and relax, with nothing much to worry about (src: instagram).

Monday, 28 January 2013


Over the weekend I've done a lot of alternative training in stead of running. Mr CD told me to do so, after pain in my left leg from Thursday's Bislett session. I've been cycling (45 min), tried out indoor rowing (3.5 km) and had a nice cross country trip with Mr RG (31.14km). The reason for the pain (which of course, don't hurt) is that too much sushi might have made me fragile. Or maybe it was too much Krav Maga? It can for sure not be too much running, because I just don't get those type of injuries from running. Only pussies do, right? No qualified personnel has so far examined the images that I took this morning. Maybe it was just a strand of hair in front of the lens? I will have to wait for Mr CD to give me the final verdict. In the meantime I'll keep training alternatively.

Monday, 21 January 2013

DIY Japanese style table

Disclaimer #1: This is no interior design blog.
Disclaimer #2: Yes, there are several product placement. No, none of these are sponsoring me.

Easy Peasy Japanesey
I wanted a small table that I could easily stow away, that was low but could become slightly higher as well. The solution was to make it myself. I dropped by Maxbo, bought a pine top in 60 x 120 cm (about 700 kr) and four pieces of 50 cm long 10 x 10 cm beams (about 100 kr). I also added some paint for the legs, and some varnish for the table top (about 500 kr). The main job was to paint and varnish. To set up the table is just a matter of laying down the tabletop on top of the legs. Easy Peasy Japanesey!

The legs, waiting for some paint.

Two layers of Jotun Mokka, for that rough feeling.

Legs all painted.

Varnish for the pine table top.

Wait for the paint and varnish to dry. Celebrate the proper job with a Proper Job (my favourite when it comes to beers). 

Low style
20 cm legs.

True Japanese style table.

High style
50 cm legs.

Alternative height.

Stowed style
Not much space needed.

The picture of the girl you say? Ah, that one! It's a movie poster for Swimming Pool.

Sunday, 20 January 2013 : report three - xmas edition.

Another reports on "those who share" (report one and report two) for the site

Part one : When they share
Note that this parts of the stats are based on numbers from last 30 days. Christmas has for sure affected the statistics.

Time of day : blog posts
The first report showed that most posts were published at 10 pm (10:00-10:59 pm). Then 9 pm became the most popular time of day for sharing content. This has shifted a bit more, and now most posts are published in between 8 pm and 10 pm. One guess is that winter is effecting these numbers. In summer we tend to stay out for longer. There is no doubt a lot of people blog at work either. A lot of blog posts tends to be published around around the end of a work day.

Time of day for blogging.

Day of week : blog posts
Both previously reports showed that Sunday were the most popular day for sharing content, and Saturday was the least popular day. Sunday is still to preferred day for blogging, closely followed by Monday. This time Wednesday has got least posts published.

Day of week for blogging.

Time of day : tweets
People send most running related tweets from work or school, at 3 pm (using a "slightly" wrong assumption that all those who are tweeting about running are working or studying, and that every day for the last 30 days has been a a work day). Last time we looked at these numbers 2 pm stood out as a popular time of day for tweeting.

Time of day for tweeting.

Day of week : tweets
Tuesday was the tweet day last time. For the last 30 days Sunday has been the most popular tweeting day as well.

Day of week for tweeting.

Part two : What is popular
As Google feedburner is being used for the feed we have some nice statistics here as well. At the time of writing 54 people have subscribed to the blog content feed. However this feed is also used on, so that these numbers should give the entire picture on what posts are the most popular.

Subscribers and reach on the feed, for 19th of January 2013.

Below is a list of the most popular posts for the last 30 days.

Feed stat, last 30 days.

When we look at the feed statistics for all time we see that Siri Vilberg and Tim Bennett are the most popular bloggers. At least in terms of having the most popular blog posts. They both have two posts on the top ten list (the "7 dager igjen" post belongs to Mr Bennett). Tim is the only man on this list, the rest are girls. Other bloggers that has got popular posts are Silja Svanstrøm, Guro EriksenKunnskapsrikTrening, Janicke Ekelberg and Karoline Grøvdal. These numbers doesn't say anything about what blog is the most popular over all.

Feed stat, all time.

Thursday, 17 January 2013



Er det mulig å få satt inn en ekstraseng på dette rommet (se bookingdetaljer i mailen under). Hvis ja, hvor mye ekstra koster dette?

Frode Klevstul


Hej Frode,

Tack för ditt mail.
Går ej att ställa in en extra säng. Ni har bokat ett enkelrum med plats för max 1 person. det ni kan öra är att boka om till ett större enkelrum , där kan vi ställa in en extra säng för 500/natt. Då betalar ni mellanskillnaden på rumskategorierna samt extra säng priset.

Mornington Hotel Göteborg


Hei, takk for raskt svar.

Hvor mye ekstra koster et større rom med plass til ekstraseng? Om det finnes flere alternativer kan du gi meg prisforskjellen på det det rimeligste, som dere har ledig. På forhånd takk.

Frode Klevstul.


Hej igen,
Våra dubbelrum med plats för extra säng är uppbokade . Vi har endast enkelrum med extra säng för max 2 personer.

Mornington Hotel Göteborg


Og hva koster dette større enkeltrommet? Hvor mye ekstra er det snakk om?

Frode Klevstul.


Skickade det innan till dig.
Mornington Hotel Göteborg


Du skriver:
det ni kan göra är att boka om till ett större enkelrum
Då betalar ni mellanskillnaden på rumskategorierna samt extra säng priset

Men du skriver ikke hva dette mellomlegget er.

Frode Klevstul.


hej hej
500sek /natt är tillägget. ni betalar  här hos oss. Eftersom ni redan bokat via internet och förbetalat vid bokning.
Mornington Hotel Göteborg


Ja, jeg har fått med meg at det koster kr 500 for en ekstra seng. Men du skriver at jeg IKKE kan ha noen ekstra seng på det rommet jeg har bestilt, da dette rommet er for lite. Du skriver at jeg må endre romtype til et større enkeltrom, som har plass til en ekstra seng. Du skriver at jeg, i TILLEGG til kostnaden for en ekstraseng, må betale et mellomlegg for å endre romtype. Du skriver altså at jeg må betale 500 kr + X kr. Men hva dette tillegget (X) er det skriver du ikke. Mulig det er språkproblemer som har skyld i disse uklarhetene?

Utifra siste mail fra deg så virker det som om prisen for å endre til større rom, og i tilegg sette inn en ekstra seng der, tilsammen koster kr 500 ekstra per natt, og at det ikke er noen andre tillegg på toppen av dette.

Frode Klevstul


Hej hej
Ja det kan bli lätt att missförstå.;)
Det stämmer att ni bara behöver lägga till 500:-sek/natt för att ändra rumskategori. och betala mellanskillnaden här på plats.
Inga fler tillägg.
Enkelrum med extra säng. Detta rummet är lite större än det ni har bokat.
Ring gärna på måndag om du vill ta det via telefon.
Ha en bra helg.


Mornington Hotel Göteborg

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Namban Rengo Sunday

Bob, in yellow, and members of Namban Rengo, ready for the Sunday workout.

Sunday and another get-together with Team Namban Rengo. As Bob, head of the group, lives practically in my neighbourhood (or I live in his, to be more precise) we ended up running partly where I've been before. The track with marks in the asphalt every 100m is a great place to exercise. When you get up to Tamako (lake Tama) and Sayamako (Google Maps) it is quite scenic as well.

The local karate club, doing barefoot running.

We started off at an onsen close to Hanakoganei station, and as you can see on the map below, ran a more or less straight line back and forth to Tamako. On my way back I jumped off at Kumegawa where my bike was sitting. Ended up with 20.68 km, in my new adizero Tempo 5 wide (lovely shoes by the way), which was a satisfactory distance for me.

View run: on Google Maps // on Garmin Connect

Post running, chilling out with a Sapporo Hakone Ekiden edition.

Friday, 11 January 2013

J-notes #2

Personal notes, based on subjective observations, from Tokyo, Japan. Presented in random order.
Part 1 can be viewed here.

Being a Tokyo fashion girl must be bloody cold in winter.

Cigarettes are very cheap (440 yen, or 28 kr at the moment of writing, for 20 cigarettes). And yes, many people do smoke as well.

Bento box
198 yen (12.27 kr) and you have a tasty and healthy breakfast.

As a cyclist there seems to be less rules. You can cycle on both sides of the road and on the pavement as well.

Face masks
Face masks are hot, and has started spreading to Europe as well.

Never leave chopsticks standing straight up and down in the rice. You do that only in funerals.

Sharing the same bathtub water is common. However you do wash before you jump in. Bathwater also stays warm. And to make a bath means to set the temperature and press the "start" button.

People seems tired and sleep on trains. It's actually quite comfortable sleeping on trains, if you get a seat that is.

Ekidens are huge.

Trash cans are very hard to find, despite this fact there is little littering. Not even houses has got bins for trash. In stead you place your plastic bags outside your house on the day of picking up trash. Different type of trash is picked up on different days. There is plastic garbage, burnable garbage and unburnable garbage. What goes into the latter bag is unclear for me. If you put wrong items inside any garbage bags, the trash will be left sitting outside your house.

One hour
Getting from A to B always takes one hour (more or less).

New Years
Everyone cleans their houses at New Years Eve.

The popular dogs are the small ones.

Times three
To emphasise something, at least on TV, you have to repeat it three times.

Too much wrapping is in use, specially plastic wrapping.

Hair dressers
Hair dressers and barbers give you a nice head and shoulder massage after they've cut your hair or shaved you. And the way they work is truly amazing and has to be experienced.

Taxi doors open and close by themselves.

Electricity is insanely expensive, at least compared with Norway. We just got a bill on 40057 yen for 1393 kWh. That means 28.76 yen/kWh (1.78 NOK/kWh).

Most days are sunny and dry, at least in winter that is.

Abu ramen
Abu ramen is very good, if you are at the right ramen restaurant.

Thursday, 10 January 2013



Higashimurayama-Chuo Park
The place I do most of my running here in Tokyo, and has become my favourite, is Higashimurayama-Chuo Park, or 東村山中央公園‎ (info in Japanese and info in English). As the park is less than 200m from where I live in Higashimurayama it's very convenient. The park is great for intervals as you can pretty much create any distance you like, from 360m and upwards. The park consists of several loops, so "only" your imagination can stop you from creating a distance that suits you. There are not that many people in the park either, so running "fast" has never been a problem. On the weekends there are a few on the grass though, flying kites, walking their dogs (but always picking up the dog poo), playing with their kids and what have you got. The park is nice now, but will be even nicer when summer comes.

Info about the park
Opened  June 1, 1988.
Area   121,098.87 m2 (some areas are state-owned property provided under gratuitous loan).
Main plants:  Japanese Red Pine, Sawtooth OakJapanese Zelkova, Konara Oak, CherryAzalea, Japanese Kerria.
Facilities: Bird sanctuary, stream, small waterfall, gateball court, central field (multi-use field), snail pond.

〒189-0024 東京都東村山市富士見町5丁目4−67

Example session
Here is a session I did on the 1st of January: 2 x 1.81 km + 2 x 1.5 km + 2 x 1.04 km + 1 x 720m + 1 x 360m.

View run: on Google Maps // on Garmin Connect


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Kusatsu Onsen

Kusatsu Onsen by Jun Kumagai (src:

Kusatsu Onsen by PunkRockPaco (src:

There are many great and unique locations on this planet, Kusatsu Onsen or Kusatsu, being one of them. Onsen is a Japanese word for hot spring. Kusatsu Onsen is said to be one of the best places in the world for hot springs, and these onsens are also said to have very positive effects on anyone's health. After breathing sulphate and chilling out in some of the many hot springs I sure feel quite satisfied.


Next to the onsens you have the Kusatsu Kokusai ski resort as well. In other words, at this place you can ski all day and chill out in an outdoor hot spring in the evening, before you have dinner at one of the locations many great restaurants. In summer Kusatsu Onsen is well known for hiking, golf and tennis, and personally I reckon it would be a fantastic spot for a training camp for running. The city is located about 1200 meters over sea level, and if you climb the surrounding mountains you'll get to over 2000 meters altitude.

At the hotel's own onsen I also so my first saw my first yakuza, and he was as taken straight out of Outrage, bloody scary looking guy.

Nothing fancy here, just a couple of shots from the chair lift. However it should give you an impression of the ski resort. The last clip is from the top elevator, which is above 2000m altitude. The conditions there were great. The only problem is that you are not allowed to go off piste at this ski resort. The music being played on the video is currently the most popular song in JapanSeifuku no Mannequin (制服のマネキン) by Nogizaka46.

Kusatsu Kokusai ski resort in Japan from Frode Klevstul on Vimeo.

Also, the elevators at Kusatsu can give you headache if you're as stupid as the guy here:


Mr Me conveniently located at Kusatsu.

Mr Morinaga.

Androids in love? The film poster for my next film!

Kusatsu by night.

Cold air + warm water = nice effect.

At certain spots the water is warm enough for boiling eggs (no kidding).

Nice location at the city centre for dipping your feet.

Japanese snow cat at Kusatsu.

Beware of the Japanese bear.

Now Resort Hotel. Close to the ski resort, access to own onsens, pool, tennis court and more. Also including a great bus service all day long.

A nice place to stay when in Kusatsu.

News from Norway.

New Year's Ekiden.

Did I mention that Ekidens are HUGE over here? The New Year one being the biggest of them all.

Do the twist, Mr Me as Mr Chubby Checker.

Next stop, Japanese powder. The hotel's own ski bus (walking would take around 10 min, too much).

Kusatsu Kokusai.

1/3 13 - a big day. For the first time since 2009 I was back skiing, and it was amazingly fun. 3400 Yen for a half day pass.

The ski resort.

A lot of peeps in the lower area. But heaps less as it got steeper. Perfect for me.

The rental equipment was not that bad. 4000 Yen for skiing equipment including wear, 3400 for half day pass (12:00 - 1700).

Advanced snow men over here.

Thomas the snow train?

Happy as a little kid. I might have to get myself some skiing equipment once again.

Chair lift.


The restaurant at the top. 


Almost at the top. Great conditions. Magical atmosphere.

The final lift to get to the top of the skiing resort. I believe the sign warns about more difficult conditions.

Too bad off piste skiing is off limits here.

A Japanese guy that loved his Norwegian skiing jacket.

Dinner time, down at a local Japanese restaurant in Kusatsu.

It all looks good to me.

Meat fried in ginger sauce. Itadakimas, oshi oshi!

The master of the restaurant to the left, and a budo master to the right.

Breakfast at the train station, on our way back to the city.

Very traditional Japanese rice breakfast. Oshi!

Taking the train back to Tokyo. Trains over here are "sugoi"!

facts about kusatsu onsen
kusatsu on google maps
kusatsu onsen ski resort weather forcast
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