Saturday, 22 December 2012

Yoi jinsei

Rondo Fitness Club

Yesterday I went to a gym here in Tokyo, Rondo Sports / Fitness Club, and it was not bad at all. The gym itself was like a normal gym. However, better than the average gym back home. They even had two locations where it was possible to do muscle ups. What was interesting were the regulations and signup procedure.

You better have that blood pressure of yours sorted.

First of all, I was unable to visit the gym all alone. I needed to be accompanied by a regular member of the gym. Hence Mr Yasu had to sign up (he just needed a gentle push, as he had been considering this for a log time). The drop-in price was 2500 yen (converted to NOK), so slightly expensive I would say. However there was a special price on at the moment, so I only paid 1000 yen.

Signup papers.

The signup-process was comprehensive (took approximately one hour). First of all you needed a proper ID (passport) and two passport photos. There were also several questions you needed to answer. If you for example have any tattoos at all you are not allowed to enter the gym. The reason for this you can read here. Your blood pressure was also measured, and if any subnormal values were found you simply had to return back home.

Your signature in a box.

Another thing I did learn is that you don't do signatures over here. In stead you bring your own personal stamp that you sign contracts with.

Shoes off, shoes on...

When you've entered the gym it is pretty much like in Norway. One difference was that at all machines there were mounted a small hook were there hang a small cloth. When you finished using any apparatus you would use this cloth to wipe off any sweat. By the way, if you do wonder there are some guys over here that are really big and strong as well.

Nice treat.

The showers were also slightly different, as everyone had their own private showers. In an area outside the locker room there were standing several massage chairs, that you freely could use. Really nice after a workout and a hot shower.

Good times!

When I got back home I got completely wasted after drinking two huge cans of beers. Yoi jinsei!

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