Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Vinterkarusellen 3 (2012)

Race #55 2012 - 2.1km - 10:53 - Saturday 1st of December

Men in Black, Mr LG and and Mr Me. A wonderful day for a little race. (Photo: Runar Gilberg)

I almost skipped this race as I felt slightly sick the day before (stated here and here). Luckily I still ran, and it didn't even go that bad. It means 55 races this season are down. I went with the Gilbergs to Løvenstad for a short but very nice hill race. A few minus degrees. Slightly icy without spikes. But great fun even so.

The morning was spent at The Muscle Factory, doing squats. Perfect warm up to a hill race.

Mirror of Mr RG. It was thanks to him I did this race.

Brilliant Capacity Planning!

The boys are back at school.

Ready, set, go!

Nice and handmade wooden signs.

Yes, Mr RG can fly! Question: how many persons do you spot in this picture?


2.1 km later, at the top. Note: math.roundUp(2.1) = 3

Waffles for my tummy.


The organisers organising.

The Track
(View the track on Google Maps).

Nothing compared to what awaits me next summer.


Atmosphere      : 5/5
+ Very good feeling around this race.

Toilets         : 5/5
+ Plenty (at least five for each sex) of toilets.

Value for money : 3/5
+ 500 kr for late registration fee for all 10 races is a very good price.
+ 25 kr "Kondis-rabatt" for Kondis members.
- No giveaways.

Organising      : 5/5
+ Helpful and nice people.
+ Everything went smoothly.
- The start groups should have been larger.

Race Timing     : 4/5
(manual timing system)
+ Got printed and put on the wall within reasonable time.
+ Got online in a few hours.

Track           : 5/5
+ A very nice and unique hill race.
+ Km signs.
+ People to guide all runners.
+ Plenty of space.
- The organisers are not good at measuring. They stated 3km, but it was closer to 2.

OVERALL         : 4.5 / 5

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