Thursday, 27 December 2012

Tokyo time trial


Information about Namban Rengo:
We are an informal organization of mostly serious runners. Most of our membership comes from abroad but we have many Japanese members, and anyone is welcome to run with us. We are serious runners in that almost all of us train to run in races (including Japanese ekiden, or relay races); however, this is not a requirement. If you want to run in races, we have information about upcoming events. There is no fee to run or race with us.

Yesterday I joined Namban Rengo, Tokyo's International Running Club, for a 5km time trial at Oda Field. Think I did my slowest ever 5 km, in 21:09. That aside, it was a great evening. Despite the very cold weather (2-3 degrees) Bob Poulsen and the members of his club gave me a warm welcome. An including, helpful and nice group of people. I will come back with more photos and text at a later stage. More news about running in Japan can also be found here, and here. More info about the club can be found here.

So if you are in Tokyo, are interested in running, and want company from nice people, is the site to check out.

The southern barbarians.

The club does a 5km time trial every last Wednesday of the month.

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