Friday, 21 December 2012

The End of the World

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The sun is still shining
21st of December 2012. The end of the world? I don't think so. Since I'm located in Japan, and several hours a head of you guys in Europe and US, I can report back that 21/12 2012 (or 12/21/12 if you prefer) is a beautiful and sunny day. There are no deep cracks in the ground and no lava flowing in the streets. To bad for you guys who bought those $1000 tickets to the end of the world party that you still have to pay your bills and go to work when Monday comes.

This is as bright as it gets, according to my optimistic view of the future (photo from Tokyo, Japan).

Our bright future is very dark
When it comes to the future I'm not too optimistic though. I don't see what there is to be that optimistic about. We make progress on several fields. As well, in my own little bubble life is all good. I do what I love, and (at least some of the time) follow my own dreams. When looking at the bigger picture it's a lot darker. Those in power only do whatever needed to keep their positions and gaining more power. Those with a more idealistic view will never be given, nor will they take, the power needed to control those parts of the future that are controllable. The human race is destroying the planet they are living on. There will be no bright future, it will all just become a lot darker.

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