Thursday, 13 December 2012


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I'm finally out flying again... (photo: Mr Adrian)

Located in Singapore. Tired, after little sleep the last days. Anyways, nice to having started the holiday. In a few hours I'll head further east, to Tokyo.

It takes a few hours to get to Tokyo, but it helps with a stopover in Singapore.

Caught up with Mr Adrian, who took me to Paradise Dynasty. I love the Singapore cuisine.

Sad, but true. Littering didn't use to be a problem in Singapore. Times has changed since 06 when I was here last.

It's all about the devices.

Singaporean Christmas la.

My ankles disappeared from flying for 2 + 12 hours.

My luggage disappeared as well, thanks to the Germans being slow in Frankfurt. Hence I had to do some washing.

Getting up 5 am to join, because it's worth it!

Next stop Tokyo (src: Google).

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