Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Next stop Singapore

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Later today me and my shorts will head Far East. The first stop is Singapore, where I'll spend the night. Hopefully I'll have time for a run in the humidity (will be around 30 degrees and 85% humidity there at the moment) before a dinner with a friend of mine.

On the Kindle I'm having The Dice Man (which I started this summer and never finished). Since I'm heading for Japan I might get a Haruki Murakami's book as well (I've previously read one, two, three of his books, all which I loved). Another book I can't wait to read is Kill Decision. On the Nexus 7 I've got Little Stars 2 and Plague Inc (yes, I'm planning to kill around 7 billion people), along with the movies 2081, Primer and The Last Wave. On my Nexus S I've got the latest of the podcasts I'm following. In the bag I've got the latest edition of Kondis, which I will donate to a random Japanese when I've read it. Next to this Singapore Airlines has got a great entertainment system with the latest movies and what have you got. There should be Internet access as well, so I might even do some in air blogging. I don't think I've got time to be bored now either.

Since I've already sold my soul I've also enabled tracking of my whereabouts, and added a Google Latitude widget to this blog which shows my last recorded position. So the entire world should be able to see where I am.

OK, time to head off to the airport...

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