Sunday, 23 December 2012


Art Sports.

I read about a good shop for running gear in Tokyo, namely Art Sports near Shibuya station (check the map here), thanks to Bob Poulson, a well known American that has lived here for more than 30 40 years and loves running.

So, yesterday, in stead of training I headed off to the city centre to get myself some Christmas gifts. I ended up buying four par of runners and one Onitsua Tiger tee. Well needed as my old collection definitively was getting worn out. I did not go for the lightest racing shoes, as I'm not that concerned about a few extra grams on my feet. That aside, a couple of the pairs are very light compared to what I'm used to. By the way, the service at Art Sports was remarkable good.


Four pairs of runners, from Mr Mastercard to Mr Me.

Nike x Undercover GYAKUSOU Lunarspeed Lite+
"Gyaku" means reverse, or in the other direction and "Sou" means running. Hence Gyakusou (pronounced "gijakuså" for us Norwegians) means to run the other way around. I did buy a Nike GYAKUSOU hoodie the other day, which I really love. Great quality and nice and warm. One feature I liked about the GYAKUSOU Lunarspeed Lite+ is the letter F in the sole (for Fashion and Frode?). I'm only going to use these shoes for walking. The designer behind this brand, Jun Takahashi, is a fashion icon from Japan, and is the also man behind Undercover.

Price: ¥ 13.440 (890 NOK at the time of writing).

adizero Tempo 5 wide
Needed a pair for longer training sessions, with some support and cushioning. Ended up with the Tempo 5 from adidas, wide edition. The price for these shoes was brilliant.

Price:  ¥ 5.382 (356 NOK at the time of writing).

adizero Takumi Ren Wide
I reckon the adizero Takumi Ren (wide edition) will be great for faster runs. With it's 200g they should not be the reason for me running slow. The shoes are developed in collaboration with Hitoshi Mimura, a well-known Japanese marathon runner. There is also an Takumi Sen model, that is 50g lighter. Takumi means artisan. "Ren" can be translated with practice while "sen" can be translated with competition.

Price: ¥ 9.828 (about 650 NOK at the time of writing).

Asics Tarther®Japan
With it's 202g I do believe the Asics Tarther Japan runners will be fast as well. Compared to the Takumi Ren the sole is more flexible, and the shoe itself is also slightly wider than the Takumi Ren Wide model.

Price: ¥ 12.758 (845 NOK at the time of writing).

Now it's time to get my shorts on and get out to for some 1000 meter intervals. Merīkurisumasu!


  1. Interesting fact:

    In Norway, at Löplabbet, the price of the adizero Tempo 5 is 3.65 times the price at Art Shops here in Tokyo.

    1. (costs 1300 kr at the time of writing)


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