Sunday, 9 December 2012


Back in the 90s, monkey style dancing was HOT, so were the guys.

Finally, the video you've all been waiting for. The year is 1996 and this recording is from one of the episodes of Lysthuset at TVNorge, with Silvany Bricen and Harald Thune (?) as hosts. No doubt, this was the best ever dating show that has been aired on TV by far. It was the show where only those with the hot looks, the x-factor and the smoothest dancing moves were invited to participate. Mette Marit, our Crown Princess was a participant at this show as well, but her episode won't be aired again. However, due to Mr Me, the huge star of the 90s, being on this show Mette Marits appearance was quickly forgotten. And luckily for you, my friends, my episode is now available. Enjoy!

"I'm too sexy..."

Disclaimer: All rights reserved TVNorge.

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