Saturday, 22 December 2012

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Google Plus.

I've finally found a system that works for automatically posting (cross-posting / forwarding) information from my Google Plus account to my account. Here is how I did it.

Step One : RSS
My challenge with Google Plus is that there is no simple way to export your posts as RSS. The reason for this I'm struggling to see. However, luckily there are services that does this. Below I'm listing two of the services that I've found as seems to be working well. - example feed:
Yahoo Pipes

This step is optional, and I'm only doing this as I prefer to control all my feeds in one place, which to me is Yahoo Pipes. I've also added more sources for G+ RSS, so if one service goes down it should not affect my RSS feed. You can completely skip this and use one of the RSS' from step one in

Step three :

I'm using for pushing content from my RSS feed to StatusNet /

Feed Details.

Note: I did not manage to use's mirroring directly, as I got "Internal Server Error : Could not subscribe to feed." whenever trying to mirror the Google Plus RSS feed.

Another service worth checking out is, however this one has got no support for StatusNet.

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