Sunday, 11 November 2012

Vinterkarusellen 2 (2012)

Race #54 2012 - 5km - 19:14 [PB] - Saturday 27th of October

Double G to the E!

Another fun race, mainly thanks to all the great people participating. Not completely happy with my own race, as it went slower and was a lot heavier than last time. Did set a new PB on the distance but would have liked to go slightly faster. That aside, it was a wonderful day for running. Drizzling rain and plus 7-8 degrees. Slightly windy, but luckily blowing mainly in the right direction.

Plans are made, cars are filled.

Was at Sørum Skole with, amongst other, Elin (who won her age group, congrats!), The Great Gs and The Terminator. The latter one definitively had the longest warm up of us all. While 2xG + E and me drove, Mr Ringom ran the 31 km as a warm up. He joined the rest of the SK Vidar crew on the way back though.

Sørum, by early winter.


Atmosphere      : 3/5
+ Great people participating.

Toilets         : 2/5
- 4 (two for each sex) is too little if you need to do number two.

Value for money : 3/5
+ 500 kr for late registration fee for all 10 races is a very good price.
+ 25 kr "Kondis-rabatt" for Kondis members.
- No giveaways.

Organising      : 5/5
+ Helpful and nice people.
+ Everything went smoothly.

Race Timing     : 4/5
(manual timing system)
+ Got printed and put on the wall within reasonable time.
+ Got online in a few hours.

Track           : 4/5
+ Km signs.
+ People to guide all runners.
+ Plenty of space.
- A slightly boring track.

OVERALL         : 3.5 / 5



Menn 35-39
1,Øistein Olsen,Lørenskog FIL/ Ernst & Young B,17:42
2,Frode Klevstul,Blodsmak Sportsklubb,19:14
3,Rune Holmen,Halmsås & omegn,19:42
4,Terje Lybekk,AFSK,19:48
5,Espen Ringom,SK Vidar,19:49
6,Artur Matuszewski,NOTEAM,20:01
7,Øivind  Pettersen ,NOTEAM,20:04
8,Thomas Brenni,Romerike Runners,21:39
9,Petter Søberg,Siemens Healthcare,22:11
10,Christian Andersen,Team Ultra Andersen,22:14
11,Ronny Slettner,NOTEAM,22:37
12,Morten Vilbo Sørum,Raumar Orientering,25:01
All results.

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