Friday, 2 November 2012

The Call Grandma Every Day Challenge

MoCh - Challenge #7 October 2012 - The Call Grandma Every Day Challenge

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The Challenge
Despite having been very busy with "The Go To Class Challenge" I decided to have a separate challenge just for October as well. The challenge was simple, it was to call my grandmother once a day, every day for one month. Why this challenge? Because my grandmother always gets very happy when her grandchildren calls, however all of us (we're five) are normally too busy (or too self centered) to take just that one phone call, even just once a week. It was a great and rewarding challenge, I will try to call my grandmother more often from now on.

The November Challenge
A new month is here, and I'm ready for a new challenge. My new challenge is called "The Do Nothing Challenge". It's a challenge created as a counterbalance to all the things I'm constantly doing and the everyday stress. The details about this challenge will be presented in December.

Previous Challenges
Below is a list of the challenges I've done so far.
Challenge #1 : April 2012 : The 10 Words Challenge
Challenge #2 : May 2012 : The Less Social, More Sleep Challenge
Challenge #3 : June 2012 : The Leave Phone Home Challenge
Challenge #4 : July 2012 : The Read Every Day Challenge
Challenge #5 : August 2012 : The Photo Poetry Challenge
Challenge #6 : September 2012 : The Go To Class Challenge
Challenge #7 : October 2012 : The Call Grandma Every Day Challenge

And for those of you that don't know, last December I also did a seven day challenge.

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