Thursday, 8 November 2012

Old Man Syndrome

When I get up in the morning I feel like a very old man, I have the Old Man Syndrome. My entire body hurts. It is hard to get out of bed. It's hard to stand straight. It is hard to walk. It takes several minutes just to get the body moving slightly more smoothly. I have no idea if it is normal to feel like this. The only thing I know is that I've felt like this for years. I think it is one of the few drawbacks of exercising. However, it is definitively worth it. What scares me though is how it's going to be in a few years time, because it's not getting any better with time.


This morning though I had the Very Very Very Old Man Syndrome. Next to a few hard training sessions lately I managed to slide down a few stairs yesterday morning, on my bottocks. Something that was slightly painful. Luckily for me (to repeat myself once more) "pain don't hurt". And since paint don't hurt (I guess my new hero, Mr Riskake, would state that "pain is for pussies") I constantly seek sources of great pain.

These are the cursed stairs outside my office.

Now and then I visit Mr PL at The Muscle Factory (I'm still around, to some people's annoyances) and lets him set a few needles in my calfs. Something that can be painful, however it has shown to be of great help for me managing the sessions at the track.

"Needles(s) to say anything more" (photo: Mr PL).

Talking about the track. I'm still staying put, doing track sessions with Mr Jean aka. Mr Pain and Mr V. We've moved inside, and twice a week we do our running at Bislett Stadium. I'm not sure for how long I will continue, as tracks sessions can be somewhat painful as well. It's by far one of the most challenging type of training I've ever done. On the other hand I've realised that this type of training is useful when it comes to running faster on the 5km and 10km. With no more than 50 - 65 km a week I managed to get my shorts down to 38-ish on the 10km. I believe being used a pace closed to 3 minutes a kilometer (on the 500m) was an important factor. My plan at the moment is to continue this type of training until I in a month's time will visit a sunny island. What happens when I come back I don't know.

King Winter is back in Oslo and me and my shorts has left the NIH track.

No, Mr V is not stretching, he is just pretending to be tired after a 10 x 250m session. "Being tired is for pussies", yeah!

It's not just in the morning I have the "Old Man Syndrome". At an increasing rate there are more and more things that annoys me. I'm seriously turning into a grumpy old man. One thing is the showers at Bislett Stadium. I'm thinking: "Who were responsible for the STUPID showers that are completely useless?" They are supposed to be showers for saving water, guess what, they work the opposite way around. The water is spread over such a huge surface that even I can stand in the shower for five minutes without getting my hair wet (and I don't have that much hair). You'll end up showering for longer, using more water. But what I did realise was that the shower itself is not letting out any less water than a normal shower. So what is necessary is just a minor adjustment to the system and the shower will work perfectly fine. Some tape and plastic is all that is needed to concentrate the stream of water.

How to fix a stupid shower.

Perfect! I once more can wash my hair.

And last but not least, there is a new show in town. What town? Every town! For more info check out, and see the video below.


  1. Dusjene på Bislett er RÆVA! Nøff said! De nålene så brutale ut.... men det pleier å funke!! ;-)

    1. Godt det ikke kun er "den gamle grinete mannen" som irriterer seg over dusjene på Bislett. Imidlertid anbefaler jeg å "custe" dem. Da går det ann å dusje der.

      På bildet har jeg kun de snille nålene, dvs at de vel bare stikker rundt 4 cm inn i leggen. Om Mr PL ønsker å være litt kjip tar han frem 7.5 cm nålene. De går rett inn til beinet. Men ja, funker gjør det.

    2. haha, jeg får assosiasjoner til voodoo ;-) Har fått noen nåler i min tid og de lange, i setemuskulaturen, det er bare knalldigg!! (NOT!)

    3. Respekt! Til tross for at jeg ikke er redd for smerte (ehhh) så har jeg ikke fått smake 7.5 enda.


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