Friday, 23 November 2012


I have made my choice, it is option one.

 Singapore Airlines aka SIA aka SQ will take me to the island.

Preferred seat, because I'm worth it! A bit too close to the babies though. CP planning ftw.


Mr Me: "I've got myself a new apartment."
Yasuhiro: "Nice, congrats brother."
Mr Me: "Thanks. It is not that big though."
Yasuhiro: "How big is it?"

Mr Me: "28 square meters, very small."
Yasuhiro: "I'm not used to square meters."
Mr Me: "How come?"
Yasuhiro: "We don't use that here."
Mr Me: "So what do you use then?"
Yasuhiro: "Tatami, which are mats we use on the floor."
Mr Me: "Never heard about tatami. I will find out. Just a second."
Yasuhiro: "OK"

Mr Me searching for "tatami sqm conversion", and finds one site for the job.

Mr Me: "Got it, I found a site that will convert square meters into tatami."
Yasuhiro: "Cool."
Mr Me: "28 square meters is 16.9 tatami."
Yasuhiro: "That is not bad. That is a big apartment."
Mr Me: "Big?"
Yasuhiro: "Yes, for us that is a great size apartment. Not small at all."
Mr Me: "You have a point. At least big enough, and the apartment is even bigger than a house."

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