Friday, 12 October 2012

Posterous export

For a few years I used as my blogging platform. In the start I loved it, however as they kept "improving" the service I liked it less. The introduction of Posterous Spaces and Groups was to me a step in the wrong direction. They cluttered something that was nice and simple. Then it got acquired by Twitter. An export tool was promised, but was never made, and many feared they would lose all their content. Posterous  provides no tool for exporting your blogs, however they do have an API. And thanks to this Wordpress comes for the rescue.

To export your Posterous blogs, including attachments and comments, you can create your own blog. When you've done that delete the dummy "Hello World" post that automatically is created for you, and prepare to import your Posterous blog.

Step 1 : Create a new blog for the purpose (unless you want your posts added to an existing blog that is).

Step 2 : Delete the dummy "Hello World" post automatically created with all new WordPress blogs.

Step 3 : Navigate to Dashboard > Tools > Import > Posterous (direct link)

Step 4 : Fill out your Posterous host name, your login credentials, press "Submit" and see the content flowing.

The results, Posterous on the left, Wordpress on the right: >    >    >    >      >


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