Monday, 8 October 2012

Plotting learning curves

Plotting learning curves with randomly selected examples
So what hides behind such a cryptic title? An even more cryptic sneak preview into machine learning, so feel free to stop reading here. I will soonish make a new post related to my "Go to Class Challenge" that will be a lot more understandable. However, if you do wonder how machine learning programming is done, using Octave, this post is for you. The example below is my solution to a minor ungraded part of one of many weekly programming assignments (to avoid plagiarising we are requested not to make graded parts available online).

The assignment
... at least a minor part of it

The code

The input
function call:
ungradedRandomPlotting(X_poly,y,X_poly_val, yval);

X_poly and y, defining our polynomial test set with results.

X_poly_val and yval, defining our cross validation set with results.

The output
Plotting the data.

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