Sunday, 7 October 2012

Nøklevann Rundt (2012)

Race #46 2012 - 9.7km - 42:40 [PB] - Saturday 6th of October

6th of October 2012 was a beautiful day in Oslo.

The Grades
As I'm participating in a weekly SRM HOA show we've decided to formalise the review process for races. Below is my first attempt following some key categories we've decided on. Not sure if I'll bother doing this for all races though.

Atmosphere : 4/5
A wonderful race, with a great group of people and a great atmosphere. This is definitively one of my favourite races throughout the race season. There was only one negative thing this year, and that was the speaker service. Mr Heming Leira used to be a speaker for this event, and he is truly a brilliant speaker that to me made the race even more unique (see a video of Leira as speaker in 2011 here). This year's speaker was not as entertaining.

Capacity Planning (of toilets) : n/a
In previous years CP at this race has been poor. This time the organisers had gotten five port-a-loos. Personally I didn't get to test the toilets as I instead used the forest, hence I can not give a grade here.

Giveaways : 3/5
The late entry fee was 300 kr. For this you got a nicer medal than earlier years. From last year you had to order and pay extra for the traditional plates. However this do not bother me as I'm sure many plates got stowed away earlier by people who really didn't want them. After the race you got cordial and bananas. No tees nor anything else.

Organising : 4/5
This event is organised by Bøler IF. I made a late entry to the race, something that went very smooth. The entire race was well organised. However in 2012 it is a pain that it's not possible to pay in other ways than using cash. I know this is the case with most races though, but it should be no problem to set up a mobile payment terminal using for example an iPad. One drink station along the track and helpful and friendly organisers. Slightly unorganised start groups, but it caused no issues.

Race Timing : 5/5
For the first time the organisers went from a partially manual timing to an automatic timing system with ToppTid, something that seemed to work perfect. My results was ready as I crossed the finish line, the results were also almost instantly (not sure how long it took) added to

Track : 5/5
A lovely and varied track around the beautiful lake Nøklevann. Far from flat, hence not fast, however that is just up my alley. Well labeled, or chalked out, and impossible (?) to take any wrong turns.

View the track on Google Maps by clicking here.

A couple of hills along the way.

Total Score : 4.2
Hence, Nøklevann Rundt gets a total score of 4.2 out of 5. Not bad at all.

Behind the scenes, setting up the start area.


Limited edition NR plates.

John Hodgman and The Deranged Millionaire, as part of TRI #72.

A perfect day at Haraløkka.

Mr Leira and Mr Lund.

Harald in the support team today.

Silja & Tim.

The girls are back at Haraløkka.

Mr Torbjørn Grønningen representing Team TC aka. Treningscamp.

The kids.

Leira: "+Frode Klevstul  rakk for en gangs skyld ikke å smile til fotografen under Nøklevann Rundt." (photo: Heming Leira / Kondis)


And here are even some frames of Mr Me as well.

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  1. Da jeg sto i sokø kom en dame og sa at der var en "usynlig" jentedo i tillegg til de mer eller mindre synlige blå doene. Det var altså to doer inne i bøttekottet reservert til oss jenter; slikt liker vi ;-) Ellers er jeg enig i at Nøklevann ikke blir det samme uten speaker Leira!! Helt klart ikke!

    1. Aha, ekstraservice for jentene. Det er bra på et slikt arrangement, hvor gutta lettere kan dra til skogs.

      Det var veldig mange som savnet Leira som speaker. Håper han er tilbake i 2013.

    2. Charliemor så nok ikke de "hemmelige" doene:
      Kanskje litt lange dokøer til tider.

  2. One piece of information is inaccurate:

    The text states that this event is not organized by Bøler IF. Which is not entirely correct. It is organized by Bøler IF Friidrett.

    1. The text states: This event is organised by Bøler IF.


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