Saturday, 20 October 2012

Custom domain with Blogger

This is primarily a note to self on how to setup a custom domain for a Blogger account if your domain is hosted elsewhere but Google, and you're using cPanel


1) Access DNS Zone Records settings in cPanel:

You might be asked, by Google / Blogger to add an additional CNAME entry to your DNS file, this being for verification purposes of you owning the domain you're trying to use.

2) Enable access to the domain with and without www.

2a) Go to "Addon Domain" settings in cPanel, to add redirects from your naked domain (without www) to your www domain:


3) Go to your Blogger account, and navigate to Settings > Basics. Below "Publishing" click "Add a custom domain Point your own registered domain to your blog." > Click on "Switch to advanced settings." Type in your domain and click save.

Note: if you don't already own a custom domain an alternative is buying one through Google, via your Blogger account. That process might be preferred as it is simpler:

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