Sunday, 28 October 2012

Vinterkarusellen 1 (2012)

Race #52 2012 - 5.9km - 22:20 - Saturday 27th of October

I never thought I would do equally as many races as last year. However with today's race I've already done 52 this season. And most likely I'll do a few more. After all, I need something to do while I'm having a season's pause. Today I signed up for "Vinterkarusellen 2012-2013" and did the first of in total 10 races. I won't do them all though. Which I'll do depends on if I can wear my boardshorts or not. I have an image to preserve.

I was motivated for doing a fast 5 km race. I was focused and ready for pain. Hence I got frustrated when warming up and realising the so called 5 km track was 6 km (more or less, my watch showed 5.9 km). I can't see how it's hard to either make this race into a proper 5 km or call it a 6 km race. Don't have a 6 km track and call it a 5 km. I thought that was obvious.

I was at Lørenskog together with the Gilberg's. Luckily for me the strong Gilberg brothers started off easy today. Hence I decided to try to get their backs. I started slightly behind, and ran slower the first hundred meters. However I increased the pace and after 2 km I caught up. They were a group of four runners, and in front of them there were only two more. When we reached about 4.5 km the real race started though. As I had pushed hard from the beginning to catch up, and the pace had increased, I had absolutely no chance to follow any of them as we started climbing a hill. I thought collapsed, as I saw the group of four disappear in front of me. My focus changed from trying to keep up till trying to avoid any runners that might come from behind. Only later I realised that I had not collapsed at all. The group in front of me had increased the pace so much it felt like me collapsing even though my last 900 m was done in a 3:35 pr/km pace. I ended up annoyingly close to being number six though.

Age is no limit, no way or another. Top 20 of in total 92 runners.

Klevstu, my secret pseudonym.

7th overall of in total 92 runners and 1st in my age group (if the latter is worth anything). I'm satisfied with daring to gamble from the start. I was aggressive in stead of passive. I had to pay for this towards the end as I for once was too tired for a sprint. However, it was worth it. This was a truly fun competition, as the race was very tactical.

The track
(View the track on Google Maps).

A few "kneiker" for Mr Kneikstul.


The organisers here do have a lot of things to learn. However I'm very thankful for them doing this. Look at this as constructive feedback.

Atmosphere      : 3/5
+ Nice place to catch up with those who do not manage these season pauses.
- Nothing too special.

Toilets         : 1/5
- 2 (one for each sex) toilet for all runners is way too little.

Value for money : 3/5
+ 500 kr for late registration fee for all 10 races is a very good price.
+ 25 kr "Kondis-rabatt" for Kondis members.
o 10 kr for good waffles, not too bad.
- No giveaways.

Organising      : 4/5
+ Helpful and nice people.
+ Late entry fee went smoothly.

Race Timing     : 3/5
(by Emit)
+ Got printed and put on the wall within reasonable time.
- Not online even several hours after the race.

Track           : 1/5
- According to all the advertising it was a 5 km race. However the race was around 6 km, which I only found out after I ran the track while warming up. Seriously, either you make it a 5 km race or you call it a 6 km race!
- No km signs.
- The start could have been marked better (with a sign as well).

OVERALL         : 2.5 / 5


The first out of in total 10 races.

Nice with a hall this time of year.

No dogs allowed in this race. Fido had to go home again.

Luckily for the Gilbergs I was not allowed to use my bike.

Crap capacity planning, I found only one toilet for the boys.

The almost brand new 80s Nike Duellist did beat me with one second.

Two fast brothers.

The start of the half marathon.

If more people were like these guys, running in the sun for fun, there would be less issues on this planet.

A perfect day for crossing a bridge or two.

I love my Mizuno Wave Aero 9.

Marcus seems amazingly unruffled despite doing 21.1 km in 1:23:24.

Formerly known as Mosjonisten, Espen "Terminator" Ringom, check out his new blog on

Mette won her age group.

One very fast gal, and two very fast gents.

Siri Vilberg.

Mari Brox, the fastest amongst the girls.

The fastest three on the 21.1km, and the fastest photographer from Kondis.

The Terminator crushed all his competitors and became the 2012 district champion.

Ringom: "I'll be back next year!"

Fjellsrud in the sun.

Mr RG once more got confirmed that he terminated Mr Me.

The only thing I terminated was this.

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

At last

Race #51 2012 - 3.258km - 11:55 [PB] - Wednesday 24th of October

Job well done.

The soundtrack for this post is Mt Eden's (Dubstep) mix of the song Still Alive from Mirrors Edge. Enjoy.

I've learned to lose
I've learned to win
I've turned my face against the wind
I will move fast
I will move slow
Take me where I have to go

The last of my running goals has been reached. Next to sub 1:30 on half marathon, sub 40 on the 10km and sub 60 seconds on 400m, getting my boardshorts those 3258 meters around Sognsvann in less than 12 minutes has been a major goal. I've been as close as one second away, however getting below has been extremely difficult for me. This Wednesday was the last possibility to set a record during this years Sognsvann Rundt Medsols, a chance I didn't want to slip without a fight [Update: next Wednesday we have the "torch race", to celebrate end of the SRM season. Then it's hard to run fast, and I'm planning to run in 20-25 minutes and just enjoy myself].

Mr Haug - the motivator.

A huge thanks to Thomas Haug for being the perfect pacemaker, running just my way, slightly slower up the hills and faster downwards.

At last sub 12 and a couple of smiley faces!

Now what?
OK, my initial running goals has all been met, but I might set some new running goals. I plan to keep running as there are too many nice races I want to do, and nice runs I want to take. Most likely I'll do a few SRM races next season as well. However a lot is still unclear.

Will I follow these guys to the track, in the dark?

What hides in the letter to Monsieur Frode?

Will I search for the French girl with the two goats?

Will I do the 23 km hill race in the French Alpes?

The paths lays in front of me, and my path is still to be made. Only time will show what direction I'll go.

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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hytteplanmila (2012)

Race #50 2012 - 10km - 38:44 [PB] - Saturday 20th of October

Close your eyes and imagine the nice wheat rolls waiting around the corner. (Photo: Tommy Støa / Hytteplan)
By the way, I often run Hytteplanmila with closed eyes. More exciting that way. This is from my 2011 race (photo: Tommy Støa).

Sub 39, which at Hytteplanmila isn't that fast compared to heaps of very good runners represented. I was very pleased though.

Hytteplanmila is a perfect race for running fast, and an awesome event overall. The only thing the organisers are bad at is capacity planning. It was a slightly wet and a bit windy experience. Luckily I had almost no rain when I ran, and the wind direction was all good. Main parts of the race there was tailwind, which gives no reason for complaints. The temperature was perfect as well, around 6-7 degrees. In other words great conditions for running fast, and as you can read on heaps of people ran very fast.

For the first time I came below 39 minutes on the 10 km. A time I didn't even dare to dream about before last weekend's race at Furumomila, where I surprised myself, and others, running in 39:16. I was slightly annoyed that I didn't manage to run faster on the last 180 (?) meters, in "Pulsbakken". Sprint is supposed to be my thing. Last year I ran in 35 seconds which was one second after the fastest guy overall. This year I didn't have that much to give. I really tried but my legs were tired and I got lactate much before the finish line. My time became 39 seconds, however, this year as well I was the fastest guy in my age group, and it was the 6th fastest time overall, hence not too bad. The fastest man up the hill ran in 35 seconds.

The Grades
Perfect, on everything but capacity planning.

Atmosphere  : 5/5
+ Wonderful finish to a race season.
+ Very friendly and helpful organisers
(one nice lady even did help me putting on my blue socks).

Toilets     : 1/5
- 4 (?) toilets on more than 800 runners, hello?!
- "Secret" toilets on second floor doesn't help/count.

Giveaways   : 5/5
+ 275kr early registration fee (and "Kondis-rabatt").
+ Tee.
+ Socks.
+ Wheat rolls.
+ Doughnuts.
+ Coffee.
+ Cordial.
+ Nice medal.

Organising  : 5/5
+ Since toilets is not taken into accounting (own grade) this was all perfect.

Race Timing : 5/5
(by ToppTid)
+ Accurate.
+ Results ready and online in no time.

Track       : 5/5
+ The fastest 10km street race in Norway?
+ Impossible (?) to take a wrong turn.
+ Wide and free from traffic (at least as good as).

OVERALL     : 4.3 / 5

View the track on Google Maps by clicking here.

Blodsmak Sportsklubb
At Furumomila I represented the club Blodsmak Sportsklubb for the very first time, and this race was my second for the club. Earlier I've mainly been using own company,, as my club. However, I'm a member of Sk Vidar as well, and by a few occasions I've used that as a club name (at track events, Norwegian Championships and other more serious competitions). A nice club, with great people and training groups. As long as Blodsmak SK is not a member of the Norwegian athletics association (Friidrettsforbundet) there should be no problem having dual memberships.

Sk Vidar is quite a serious club though, with a lot of great athletes, most of them way beyond my level. When I asked the Sk Vidar manager for a club t-shirt I could use in races and for training I got the answer I was not good enough for getting a tee. Well, they said that indirectly, as they stated that the club tees were only for their sponsored athletes, which are the best. I've asked at several occasions but they could never offer anything but singlets for me. Too bad I never use singlets.

Blodsmak Sportsklubb is a very different club. No members are too slow for their club t-shirts. No results are too bad for being mentioned at the club's bragging page (I'm mentioned as the member with nothing but bottom results at athletics events: "Kun sisteplasser under Sommerstevnene på Bislett i 2012 (naturtalent)" ). The club appreciates your achievements, even though you're way outside the podium, something that do appeal to a lot of people. In a very short time the club has gone from zero to almost 200 members (the club was started this summer). Blodsmak Sportsklubb might be a sports club for you as well, so do check it out at

src: twitter

src: twitter

From 44-ish to 38-ish
A few weeks earlier it was hard running below 44 minutes on the 10km (Skiløpet (43:04) and Norway Cross (43:54)). After Skiløpet, where the 10 km felt like a slow and painful half marathon, I decided to take action. As a result I do believe that the 10 km at Oslo Maraton went slightly better (40:52), however I ran with only negative thoughts. It was painful from start till end. It was a move in the right direction though.

My secret sauce for improvement has been:
- Less hard track sessions. Earlier I went "all in" at every track session and fried both my brain and body.
- Slower and longer. This summer I ran as little as 30km some weeks. Lately I've done 50-65 km a week, my longest trips are no longer than 12 km though.
- Proper race preparation, without doing insane workouts the days before. For example I've had one day off in front of a race.
- I've been on a flow, which has given me mental strength and belief in being able to run faster.
- Low shoulders, and not that much focus on the end time. I've been running more on the feeling than on the split times, when racing.


Me and my Senz storm umbrella (OK Senz peeps, free advertising for you, without even being sponsored).

Team OLT, Charlotte and Petter worked before they did the race.

Characteristic Hytteplan-tees for everyone.

Great Hytteplan socks for everyone.

This guy is a legend, Mr Løkken ate five wheat rolls back in 2011, which still stands as a record.
Without the hall this event would have been a lot less social.

Yummy for my tummy. I managed three rolls and one doughnut this year. Heaps more than last.

Espen, another member of Blodsmak SK, an annoyingly fast sprinter. Did beat me with one second on the 10km.

Another member of Team OLT, Mr Myrvold, alongside Petter.

Hilde as balloon runner Miss 60 today.

Two fast gentlemen, Mr Bennett and Mr Monsen.

Two members of the very fast Brox family, Mari (38:46) and Synøve (38:28), daughter and mother.

Miss Løpeskjø, happy as always.

The latest in running fashion.

Runar and Elin, fast, tired, full and happy.

More pictures
Same same, but different. Click the image below to view a slideshow of all my photos from the event.