Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Photo Poetry Challenge

MoCh - Challenge #5 August 2012 - The Photo Poetry Challenge

Photo Poetry

Decided to do this challenge on the 7th of August, hence six days had passed without me making any "photo poetries". However I had done some in July, and did some extra in August to make up for it. The description of the challenge can be found here, and the project description can be viewed here.

What I found interesting about this challenge was to experience what words that did pop up in my mind.  It usually took close to no time at all writing down the "poem". It was fascinating experiencing how my memories from the time of shooting affected me, next to the mood I was in at the time of writing. I'm sure everything can be analysed, but I do leave that to the psychologists.

The result
All the images can be viewed following this link. A breakdown of the challenge can be viewed below:

1st of Aug (done 8th of July)   : t for subway
2nd of Aug (done 9th of July)   : they saw the light
3rd of Aug (done 10th of July)  : new life
4th of Aug (done 15th of July)  : cropped fi-sci
5th of Aug (done 21st of July)  : time
6th of Aug (done 8th of August) : energy
7th of Aug  : obscurity
8th of Aug  : follow
9th of Aug  : walk
10th of Aug : truth
11th of Aug : hush
12th of Aug : pathway
13th of Aug : luck
14th of Aug : last days of summer
15th of Aug : buttons
16th of Aug : lost
17th of Aug : idyll
18th of Aug : life
19th of Aug : alone
20th of Aug : limit
21st of Aug : contradiction
22th of Aug : sunshine
23th of Aug : return
24th of Aug : lust
25th of Aug : bored
26th of Aug : lies
27th of Aug : die
28th of Aug : play
29th of Aug : the dark tunnel
30th of Aug : trust us
31st of Aug : one year

Other "photo poetry" work can be found on Google Plus (used that service a fair bit last year). The below entries are in descending order, compared the the ascending order of works above.

Nothing :
Unicorn :
Shadows in the dark :
Trouble :
Sunset :
The Man :
Everyday :
Rush :
Construction :
Sunshine in the Night :
Shapes :
You Rock :
Not alone :
Children of the stars :
End :
Uncertainty :
Cracks :
The Game :
Holidays :
The Flow :
The Walk #2 :
Time :
The Cost of Life :
Inside :
Lunch :
Summer :
Quo Vadis :
The Walk :
Get It All :
The Big Wait :
King Winter :
The Tunnel :
The Games :
Breiborg :
Cerebrum :
Secrets :
Crushed Dreams :

The September Challenge
Autumn is here and it is appropriate with "The Go to Class Challenge". For a long time I've wanted to learn about Machine Learning, hence I found it handy turning that wish into a challenge. I've already started the challenge, as I enrolled in a machine learning course at Stanford University last week. I can admit that it is very hard finding the time for studying next to everything else I'm doing. I've also one week behind the schedule, as I started a bit late. I'm not at all sure if I will manage to go through with this. The course lasts for 10 weeks, so this might become my challenge for next month as well.


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