Sunday, 2 September 2012

SkiLøpet (2012)

Race #36 2012 - 10km - 43:04 - Saturday 1st of September

Brand new
Skiløpet is a brand new race, organised for the first time this weekend. The banners gave the impression of a well organised race, and that impression was not misleading.

Capacity Planning
One of the most important things with a race is of course the Capacity Planning of toilets (CP). Hence that was the first thing I had to check. Most races fail dramatically at this point.

SkiLøpet had no portable toilets, but had in stead made deals with a restaurant and a gym close by. This verdict is purely based on measurements done at the gym.

The scoring system
A race can get from one till five toilet seats, where five seats is the top score. The score is given based on the wait time measured in between 20 till 10 minutes before the start of the race. The wait time is recorded from the second you are up till you have access to the toilet.

The toilet seat symbol used for CP scoring.
Wait times and score
>  10 minutes : 0 toilet seats
<= 10 minutes : 1 toilet seat
<=  7 minutes : 2 toilet seats
<=  5 minutes : 3 toilet seats
<=  3 minutes : 4 toilet seats
<=  1 minute  : 5 toilet seats

SkiLøpet, a five seat race!
I'm honoured to say that we have our first five seat race. The recorded toilet time was as low as 32 seconds (check out the official recorded time here), which is extremely well done. Congratulations to the organisers!

5/5 and top CP score for SkiLøpet 2012!

Looking good!

Nice and clean!

Perfect Capacity Planning, thumbs up!

The track
Partly asphalt, partly gravel, partly track. Not the easiest, but I did like it. Will become a challenge if there are heaps more runners though, as it was at times very narrow.

View the track on Google Maps by clicking here.

My race
This message, and the story below, says it all:
Once I was a sub 40 runner, not any more (src:

A short story from when I got back home:
Coming home, there was a plastic bag sitting just outside my front door. I immediately found that strange, since I had nothing outside when I left. I guessed there had been someone at my place, leaving the plastic bag with things for me, since I had not been at home. I took up the bag and looked inside, but it contained nothing but old newspapers. Why would anyone put a plastic bag full of old newspapers outside my door? A crappy joke? Then I heard a dog barking from inside my apartment. Weird, I though, as I have no dog. Why was there a dog at my place? Next I realised there was a doormat outside my door as well. Another strange thing, as I did not have a doormat earlier. What was going on? I was standing there, thinking, with the plastic bag in my hand, looking at the doormat and with the dog barking louder and louder. Suddenly I realised what was wrong, I was at 5th floor in stead of 4th. I guess I was tired.

The rest of the story, in pictures
Not the fastest tee at Ski.

Getting blisters, in old runners, from running a 10 km race. Hmm...

Several nice items, but I do think races should stop giving away drinking bottles. It's just a waste of resources.

The start was a bit hectic, as it was narrow and with several of obstacles in the way. Should be improved next year.

Signs every kilometre., and every 200 / 100m on the final km. Well done!

The woman in charge, Janicke Ekelberg, did a great job as a first time organiser. Congratulations!  Next year she promised not to organise SkiLøpet at the same day as Nordmarkstraver'n as well.

Mr Haug checking out the give-aways. Moments later he ran very fast.

Two fast men, Mr Ringom (won his age group) and Mr Post (6th fastes time overall). Check out Ringoms blog post from the race here.

These guys also ran well. I saw the back of their tees the first 500m.

Due to this girl, and løpeskjø, I got a free ticket to race. Thanks a lot!

Oddvar and Kondis was at Ski, documenting it all.

Synøve Brox won the race, and always-smiling-Anna is back racing. Great to see!

The Hagio is a popular shoe.

The kids can run.

A huge kids race.

Espen Ringom, no longer Mr Average Joe.

Andreas and Christopher.

Remember, no matter how slow you run, always look like a winner. (photo:

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  1. Topp å være tilbake til tross for en skuffende tid. Nå kan det bare gå oppover!

    Vi ses

    1. Veldig hyggelig å se deg tilbake på løpsarenaen igjen, blid som alltid. En ting med å løpe skitdårlig er at det forhåpentligvis er litt lettere å løpe raskere neste gang. Er selv ikke storfornøyd med å løpe 10 km på over 43 minutter, da det er tilbake på 2009-nivå for min del. På en annen side, det er overhode ingen selvfølge å klare å løpe 10 km, det bør man ikke glemme.


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