Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Session 50

I keep spending some time at the track. On Tuesday I did my 50th track session. 10 x 150m. My best 10 x 150m so far, slightly better average than my 18th session. Not too bad as I'm not at all in shape at the moment. I had to pay for it though, in terms of headache and nausea. Mr V took some shots from the track as well, after he was done laughing. Yeah, on my last interval I got so full of lactate that I could barely run the last 50 meters. I looked like a boy on a toy horse, while running. Something Mr Jean did notice as well.

Times: 22.9 - 22.3 - 22.0 - 21.8 - 21.6 - 21.0 - 21.3 - 21.2 - 22.0 - 20.0 (last interval was done in spikes shoes)

Pain! (photo: Mr V)

Pain! (photo: Mr V)

Pain! (photo: Mr V)

Master of Pain! (photo: Mr V)

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