Friday, 7 September 2012


SAS : Stay Away Scandinavian
Scandinavian Airlines charges you for nothing.

As I was booking a trip on I came to the final payment step. Upon filling in my payment details I clicked "continue" to complete the payment process. However, nothing happened. The page was loading for several minutes, and in the end I closed the window and started over again.

I tried ordering a ticket once more but got an error message, telling me that a payment transaction already had been initiated.

I checked my bank account, and saw that the same amount had been deducted.

The trip was nowhere to be found at my page on, neither did I received a confirmation email.

I called SAS customer support. They found no traces of any trips being ordered nor payment being done by me. They also told me, that from their point of view I had not made any bookings at all. However if I wanted to do (another) one I could do it over the phone. I told them "NO thanks", and that I from now on would use other airlines.

"24 h money back guarantee", what a joke!

I called my bank, and got confirmed that I would get my money back, however not before four days. Since I needed a ticket I went with (that unfortunately are cooperating with SAS).

Due to SAS my bank account is now negative, until next week. Thank you SAS, this song's refrain is for you:

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