Monday, 3 September 2012 reaches 100

What is, born on the 27th of April 2012, is a site that collects running related content from Norwegians. "Norwegian runners that share!" is the site's motto. News from different running blogs are gathered and shared on the site. Today reached 100 in the number of blogs being followed. Whenever any of these 100 Norwegian runners share anything on their blogs their content magically shows up at Next to following blogs, is constantly searched, using relevant keywords, so that running relating content shows up in the twitter stream. Once a month the twitter keywords are evaluated, new are added and misleading keywords are removed. Around 400 keywords are used at the moment, however this number increases as names of upcoming races are added.

Any visitors?
The number of people that are using the website, or any of the feeds that are provided through, is not too bad. Specially when you take into consideration that the site is quite new and the market is limited. There are still room for improvement though, and hopefully the traffic will increase.

The feed
The feed for blog content has had about 22.000 views and 10.000 clicks (note that you do not need to click the feed to read it, as the full length of all content is provided).'s feed statistics.

An interesting detail is that Japan is the second most popular country where the feed is being distributed to. I have no idea why that is, maybe there are some Norwegians over there interesting in running. Otherwise the Japanese might be up to something...

The website
There are about 100 unique daily visitors on A number that seems to have stabilised. The peak right after launch date was caused by a article about the service.

Visitors overview.

Safari is the most commonly used browser by those who visits the site.

Safari at the top.

Windows is the most popular OS, secondly iOS. I thought that iPad was counted as iOS, but that comes up on 5th as an own OS. Hence the iOS entry might only be counting the iPhone and the iPod visitors.

Windows being superior.

The world - at least main parts of it.

Most of the visits comes from Norway. Oslo being the number one city, way ahead of Bergen on second.

Country list.

City list.

And those who share?
Last time the numbers were gone through 10 pm came up as the most popular time of day for sharing new blog posts and Sunday was the common day to blog.
Now, with heaps more content compared to last, 9 pm is by far the busiest time of day for publishing new posts. Sunday is still the most popular day, closely followed by Wednesday and Monday. Saturday is the day when least runners are blogging.

Time of day for publishing new blog posts.

Day of week for publishing new blog posts.

For the fist time I've looked at numbers related to the twitter content as well. Sending Norwegian tweets about running is popular around 1 pm till 2 pm (people are bored at work, ready to go for a run?). Many tweets are also sent around 10 pm (people are bragging about the day's achievements, before going to bed?). Tuesday is the number one tweeting day, followed by Sunday.

Time of day for tweeting.

Day of week for tweeting.


  1. Interessant statistikk dette her. Bra at det finnes en side som! :)

  2. Artig statistikk ja :) Siden er bra på mange måter. Jeg slipper å lete etter blogger med innhold som jeg synes er interessant ;) Og jeg får faktisk lesere på min egen blogg. Thank you very much :)

    1. Tusen takk Jørgen! Kjekt å høre at blir brukt, og gir effekt.


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